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Bones are an important part of your body but often forgotten . They protect vital organs and provide structure to your body . Building and maintaining strong bones is important from childhood to adulthood . There are many factors that determine bone health , the most common being age . Bones become thinner as we age , with women at greater risk of osteoporosis because they have less bone tissue than men . Genetics and race also play a large role . Those who are white or of Asian descent are at a greater risk , as are those with a family history of osteoporosis . Too much of the thyroid hormone can cause bone loss , and women are likely to experience increased bone loss during menopause due to a decrease in estrogen levels . With long-term use , some medications may also cause bone loss .
It is important to ensure proper health and nutrition for bones to stay strong throughout your life . Adequate calcium intake and physical activity can help keep bones healthy .
Back and Neck Care
Back pain is one of Americans ’ most common medical ailments . Chiropractic and other specialized care centers can be a resource for patients suffering from a variety of conditions such as lower back pain , neck pain , headaches , fibromyalgia , sciatica , spinal stenosis , ear infections , neurological conditions , or scoliosis . The nervous system controls all of the cells and organs in your body , which is why chiropractors focus on the health and proper alignment of the spine .
Patients with the types of issues above often seek professional chiropractic therapy to relieve the pain they are experiencing rather than taking medication . Chiropractic care can start by addressing general wellness or looking directly at disease prevention . Patients have reported several health benefits including :
• Improved sleep
• More energy
• Better mood
• Reduced need for medication
• Relief from pain
Some general ways to keep your back and neck healthy are regular exercise , stress management , proper posture , healthy weight , nutrition for strong bones , wearing appropriate shoes , and not smoking .
Foot Health
It is important to stay healthy from head to toe , including your feet . There are 26 bones and 33 joints in your foot and ankle , making the possibility for issues very high . From sprains and fractures to ingrown toenails , bunions , corns , and athlete ’ s foot , we may find ourselves hiding our foot problems in a pair of shoes . But overlooking foot health can lead to greater problems if left untreated . Taking a few simple steps to ensure foot health is easy to do :
• Keep feet clean and dry .
• Make sure to trim toenails regularly and straight across .
• Wear shoes that fit properly .
• Don ’ t ignore discolored or cracking toenails .
• Wear shoes in public places to avoid fungal infections .
Overall Health
Overall health and well-being starts from the inside out . Begin by providing your body with the nutrients it needs to work properly . You will have more energy and feel better every single day that you eat healthy , nutritious foods , drink plenty of water , and get in some exercise . While physical wellness is crucial for a healthy life , it is important not to overlook mental wellness . This includes emotional , psychological , and social well-being . Mental health is important throughout all stages of life , from childhood to adulthood . While good physical health directly affects mental health , you should care for your mental health in different ways .
• Love yourself and treat yourself with kindness and respect .
• Surround yourself with people who make you happy .
• Meditate and / or pray to provide yourself with time to silently reflect on all of the positive aspects of life .
• Try something new to break away from the daily grind .
• Get help when you feel like you cannot help yourself . ■
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