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HEALTH for the

Whole Family

Pets Too !

Advice to help your family embrace a healthier lifestyle .

Improve Your Emotional and Mental Health During the Pandemic
Emotional health and wellness is critical during this time . Be sure to check in frequently on family and friends . Humans are social beings , even if alone time is your thing ! Being limited to minimal social interactions is isolating and could cause anxiety and panic . The best way to combat these feelings is to BE AWARE .
• Be mindful of how you and others deal with stressful situations . We all handle stress differently .
• Eat healthy and exercise regularly .
• Avoid excessive alcohol or drug use .
• Watch news in limited quantities . Hearing news about the pandemic constantly can cause undue stress .
• Anxiety is real . Try to identify your triggers for anxiety and avoid them , or learn how to cope with them .
• Rest . Self-care is important . Take time for yourself , meditate , breathe , stretch , and get plenty of sleep .
• Emotional health is critical . Learn ways to connect with family , friends , and faith to keep you safe .
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