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Clients are often surprised to hear that the courts favor a custody schedule that gives equal time to both Mom and Dad . Of course , not every set of circumstances allows for or would warrant a finding for shared custody . But , if it is possible , the law , judges , and many , if not most , practitioners favor this arrangement , and here is why : 1 . It benefits your children : Studies have shown that children are best served when they equally share their time between the homes of two divorced or separated parents , rather than living with just one parent . Of course , there are still challenges to the child / children . The back and forth can

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be very stressful . But , it has been shown that children have better emotional health , perform better academically , have fewer behavioral problems , have better physical health , and form more meaningful relationships with parents , stepparents and grandparents when they equally share their time with both parents . Additionally , a shared parenting arrangement means that your children are able to grow up with the influence of both parents . Each is likely to bring different strengths to the table , and a combination of influences will allow children to flourish developmentally .
2 . It benefits you : Being a parent can take its toll on you , both physically and mentally . However , a joint custody arrangement gives parents that much‐needed “ time off ” to enjoy some personal days . Whether your idea of “ me time ” is catching up on some much‐needed sleep , reading a good book , or getting back out into the dating scene , having that time is healthy for your own well‐being .
3 . It encourages cooperation between parents : Sharing custody does not guarantee that the two parents are going to get along . But , it does encourage parents to work together to try to come up with the best solution for their child / children . When one parent has primary or sole custody , he or she often “ runs the show ” and does not feel the need to cooperate with the non‐custodial parent .
4 . It allows for cost sharing : In a joint custody arrangement , parents are much more likely to share in the daily costs incurred on behalf of the child / children . Why ? Because a child ’ s needs tend to arise organically , and on a daily basis . Rather than one parent paying for these constant extra expenses , as would be the case in a single‐parent scenario , shared custody requires both parents to contribute when these expenses pop up during their custody time . So whether it ’ s the glue and pencils your child needs for class , or money for the school field trip you just found out about , a shared custody arrangement certainly gives rise to the opportunity for sharing these expenses .
This Industry Insight was written by attorney Amanda C . Cook . Ms . Cook is a Senior Associate at Cook & Associates located in McCandless Township . For over a decade , she has provided her clients with compassionate representation during the often‐difficult divorce , support and custody processes . Ms . Cook is also a certified mediator . Other areas of practice for Cook & Associates include estate planning and probate , real estate law and business law . For a free initial consultation , please call Ms . Cook today at 412.366.8980 or visit the website at www . pittlawyers . com .
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