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The Sisters of Divine Providence announced the availability of 2022 Lucky Number tickets . The fundraiser is based on the Pick 3 Day and Evening PA Lottery games . Each $ 25 number is valid from Jan . 1 through Dec . 31 , 2022 — yours for the entire year ! Daily winners receive a minimum of $ 25 up to $ 150 on select days throughout the year when their three-digit number is selected . Gift orders are available .
To participate in the 2022 Lucky Number fundraiser , visit cdpsisters . org / LuckyNumber or call 412.635.5401 . Your participation helps support the ministries and mission of the Sisters of Divine Providence .
412 Food Rescue introduces service to provide in-depth training to partner organizations .
Food Rescue University , an educational resource for establishing and growing food rescue organizations , launched in conjunction with Hunger Action Month in September . A creation of the nonprofit 412 Food Rescue , the innovative offering provides in-depth courses based on the successes of the Pittsburgh organization and its partners in 11 other North American cities , all of which use its Food Rescue Hero app .
Food Rescue University is available to partners using the Food Rescue Hero platform . This ridesharing-style app coordinates the large network of on-demand volunteer drivers — 23,000 and growing — to pick up surplus food from grocery stores , restaurants , etc . and deliver it directly to homes and nonprofits serving people experiencing food insecurity .
Volunteers download a mobile app and are alerted by a push notification when a food rescue is available to be picked up near them . And they deliver , with a service rate of 99 %. Over the past five years , the network has redirected more than 59 million pounds of good food .
According to 412 Food Rescue , food waste makes up about 25 % of all material in landfills , more than any other single source of waste , and is a leading cause of greenhouse gas emissions . In the U . S ., 35 % of all food that is produced is wasted , while one in eight people in the country are food-insecure , a problem exacerbated by the pandemic .
“ These are all-hands-on-deck crises ,” says Leah Lizarondo , 412 Food Rescue co-founder and CEO . “ That ’ s why we ’ re constantly working to expand the reach of our model , which has proven so effective at both preventing waste and alleviating hunger .”
The organization currently partners with 13 others around the country , which use a white-label version of the platform . Earlier this year , it launched an introductory version of its app designed for smaller cities and start-up nonprofits . All partners , regardless of which version of the app they use , will have access to Food Rescue University .
Spearheading the launch of the tool was Annamarie “ Annie ” Scozzare , an application development senior manager at Cigna . Scozzare joined 412
Food Rescue through Cigna ' s annual Community Ambassador Fellowship program , which offers eligible employees an opportunity to take a paid leave from work to support projects that exemplify Cigna ’ s mission .
Through her fellowship , Scozzare assisted with the implementation of Food Rescue University , providing overall project management oversight , help with the vendor selection process , and configuration of the new system . She also established additional partnerships with other community groups and shared her experience with her colleagues , increasing awareness around food insecurity and its effects on the overall social determinants of health .
Currently , Food Rescue University offers six courses , covering topics including the basics of food rescue , technology , dispatch , working with donors and nonprofit partners , and recruiting volunteers . Paired with the Food Rescue Hero platform , it is meant to provide everything organizations need to create and / or grow a food rescue program in their city .
Additionally , a gamification element allows users to earn badges for achievements such as certifying a dispatcher , food donor , or volunteer manager . An upcoming Phase 2 will incorporate social networking , data analysis , fundraising resources , and community-building activities like virtual happy hours .
“ The idea is to assemble the learnings of our experiences and those of our partners into best practices for new food rescue organizations ,” explains Jennifer England , senior director of partner success with Food Rescue Hero and the creator of the courses . “ For mature organizations , this provides a training tool for new staff as well as those looking to expand their operations bench .”
Lizarondo adds , “ We want to put this power into as many hands as possible . We aim to be in 100 cities by 2030 , and Food Rescue University allows us and our partners to scale growth rapidly .” n
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