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SPONSORED CONTENT BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT SPONSORED CONTENT OASIS SENIOR ADVISORS Helping You Find the ‘Perfect Fit’ Senior Community W hen it comes to choosing a senior living community for yourself or a loved one, there’s an overwhelming amount of information to take in. Just in the area surrounding Mainline, there are over 75 communities serving seniors in various stages of their retirement, from independent living all the way to full dementia care. Thankfully, you don’t have to weed through the ins and outs of all those options alone. Lindsey Poeth, CSA®, of Oasis Senior Advisors can be your guide to finding the perfect community for you. “We are well-versed in all of the local communities and use that expertise to find the right match for you or your loved one,” Poeth said. “We take a very personalized approach, probing to understand the family considerations such as the kind of care they need, the look and feel of the community, budget, available activities and more. We do a complete financial and medical overview and work with them on their timeline.” The typical timeline is usually four to six weeks, though many families may need additional time. And while having a longer timeline affords a more comprehensive search, Poeth’s expertise in the field has provided families solutions for their loved ones when they had less than 24 hours to find something following an emergency. “There is a social worker aspect to what I do,” Poeth said. “This is generally not a move families are excited to undertake, so being there to listen to their concerns is critical. I am there by their side throughout the process including setting up tours and going with them. This helps me to understand their thought process, their hesitations, their fears. At the end of the day, it’s not my job to sway them one way or the other, but rather ensure they have appropriate options to make an informed decision. Their choice in the end is theirs.” What’s more, Poeth added that if her clients need assistance staying in their home as part of an age-in-place strategy, she’s available to help families secure resources for that as well. “We’re going to do whatever’s best for the senior. If they’re not ready to move, we can help them retrofit their home so that it’s more conducive to their needs,” she said. Oasis can also help you find respite care, or temporary services to help your loved one recover after an accident or medical procedure. Oasis services are free of charge to seniors and the organization has an iron-clad privacy policy to keep clients’ data secure. “Ultimately, we are paid by the senior living community the family chooses. It’s not our decision to make. Our contract is the same with each of them, so there’s never a thumb on the scale when it comes down to choosing one over another,” Poeth said. “We also take personal information very seriously, so families aren’t bombarded by sales calls. They’re already overwhelmed; the last thing they need is dozens of calls a week from various communities trying to court their business.” For more information on Oasis Senior Advisors, go to the website at mainline, or call Lindsey Poeth directly at 484.947.4266. Lindsey Poeth, CSA ® GREAT VALLEY  SPRING 2020 31