IN Great Valley Spring 2020 - Page 31

News | FOUNDATION What’s in a Name and a New Logo? Education foundations are generally formed to support the students who attend schools in a specific district or districts. The Foundation’s new name (The Great Valley School District Education Foundation) allows people to immediately identify the students who benefit from the Foundation’s support. The new name more closely aligns us with the school district and clearly identifies the mission related to education. Learn more at SPOTLIGHT: Venture Grant STEAM Creation Stations The Great Valley School District Education Foundation was pleased to award a Venture Grant in support of STEAM Creation Stations in the library at Great Valley High School. These stations provide students in the library with more low-tech and no-tech opportunities to engage, collaborate, connect, inquire, and create with each other. Performed at a pace that is comfortable for each student, the stations stimulate social connection, brain breaks, community building, and problem-solving skills. GREAT VALLEY  S P R ING 2020 29