IN Great Valley Spring 2020 - Page 18

East Whiteland Township Practice Safe Cycling Spring is right around the corner and with warmer weather comes an increase in outdoor activity. In East Whiteland, there are many bikers who will be traveling the roadways with vehicle traffic. Many of these are commuters who choose to “go green” and exercise on their way to the many corporate workplaces. The East Whiteland Police Department reminds all bicyclists that they are considered drivers and bicycles are considered vehicles under PA law. This means bicyclists must obey all laws applicable in the PA Vehicle Code. Some other tips include:  Riding on the right side of the roadway when possible. However, vehicles must keep four feet away from bicycles when passing.  Using hand and arm signals to signal stops and turns and try to make eye contact with motorists.  Obeying all signs and signals. Occasionally the weight of the bicycle may not trip a traffic signal. If necessary, proceed against the light only if several attempts fail the activation. Proceed with caution using the same rules as a malfunctioning signal.  Most motorists are not expecting to see a bicycle on the road so be seen. Wear bright colors during the day and reflective garments at night. A helmet is a must for riders and passengers under 12 years old.  Operating a bicycle at night requires a headlight and taillight. Bicycle trails are the safest place to ride. East Whiteland Township has the Chester Valley Trail, which runs east and west. The trail has six road crossings. At least five of those crossings are busy areas where numerous vehicles cross at speeds of at least 35MPH, but only two have signals in place. These crossings are where bicyclists have to be most vigilant. Pedestrian traffic may interfere with bicyclists on the trail and during highway crossings. Enjoy your cycling but please be safe. 16 GREAT VALLEY