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SPONSORED CONTENT BUSINESS SPOTLIGHT SPONSORED CONTENT Home Remodeling 101 Don’t Avoid Asking These 4 Questions I f you are thinking of tackling a home remodeling project yourself, there’s a lot you must know. Similarly, if you’re considering hiring a contractor there is much to learn. That’s home remodeling 101. While a select few homeowners have the necessary skills to execute some parts of their residential remodeling projects, the truth is, time is scarce and they’d rather spend their energy on other things on their days off. There are much better ways to spend those precious hours. It’s important, before you begin undertaking a renovation, to plan—not only the budget, but the time and energy the project will require. DIY decisions of this magnitude should be thought through carefully. And, in the end, it’s almost always a better decision to partner with professionals. Hiring the right contractor, however, can sometimes be almost as difficult as doing the job yourself. Handle the selection process like a project, and when it comes time to evaluate contractors, don’t forget to ask these four essential questions: 1. Are you registered with the state and insured? It’s a good idea to develop a set of criteria for the requirements of the contractors you’re interviewing for your home remodeling project. State registration and liability insurance are absolutely mandatory requirements—an absolute must! 2. Do you have references and sample work? You should review a wide range of the contractors’ work, and especially review projects similar to your own. Obviously the By Dan Dilworth Dilworth’s Custom Design Phoenixville, Pennsylvania more diverse, the better. References are an invaluable tool in evaluating the integrity and expertise of the contractors. References and project case studies show you the depth of their experience and experience is everything in home remodeling. Don’t be afraid to call their references! 3. Will you stay below budget? Going a little over budget is not uncommon, since most contractors can’t see what’s in the walls, but every contractor should be able to plan within 5-10% of the contract and be able to give you a heads- up when there are overages. Occasionally unexpected issues can arise and affect the bottom line. 4. Do you employ subcontractors? Most contractors bring in subcontractors who specialize in specific work trades (plumbers, electricians, trim carpenters, etc.) to complete the project. In fact, some home remodelers are nothing but a project manager with teams of subcontractors— people they don’t know from companies who bid the lowest on your dream project. Better contractors who employ specialists are better able to manage the efficiency and quality of your project. Dilworth’s Custom Design executes every aspect of its best-in-class kitchen and bath remodeling projects. Complete design starts with an experienced design team that offers plenty of samples from which to choose. The 3,000-square-foot showroom in Phoenixville is constantly changing to reflect the latest styles in kitchens and baths. Dilworth’s quality cabinets are all custom built, and complete remodeling projects are installed by its own skilled craftsmen, leaving no need for subcontractors and making it the easiest remodeling experience you can find. Many customers who have survived past horror remodels—whether a DIY or poorly vetted contractors—appreciate working with the Dilworth team of craftsmen to make their home a complete masterpiece. They provide an experience like no other, bringing your dream build from concept to completion. For nearly three decades, family-owned and operated Dilworth’s Custom Design has designed, built, and installed custom cabinetry with the perfect balance of function and design beauty for customers. The team would love to talk to you about its referrals and past projects, and take you from home remodeling 101 to the next level. 610.917.9119 GREAT VALLEY  SPRING 2020 9