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Sadao Nakachi , MBV , BSN , RN , CEN RN Professional Development Coordinator , Fullerton , California @ nursescholar
Mission of my IG account : Provide professional development opportunities to the nurses in my ED . Advice for nurses starting out on IG : Have a mission for your account . IG pitfalls to avoid : Don ’ t stop , even if you don ’ t get a lot of likes . Nurses in my department have said my posts have been the positive nudges they needed to try a certificate course or go for their emergency nursing board certification . Favorite type of content to share : I like to spotlight nurses who achieve a career goal . What inspired me to join the BCEN InstaCrew : It was a great opportunity to be creative while also helping nurses in my department learn more about specialty certification and its value . Advice I ’ d go back and give my new nurse self : It ’ s okay not to know everything . Find a strong nurse who can help mentor you . Take life events one day at a time . Lessons from being in the U . S . Army Reserve : My time in the military taught me to expect the worst and hope for the best . The operational plans I created for missions included at least two contingency plans . In bedside nursing and career planning , I apply this same approach . It serves you no good to wallow in sadness if your initial option doesn ’ t pan out . Instead , keep moving , apply a contingency plan , and more opportunities will reveal themselves to you . Top 2 keys to RN success : # 1 Plan a professional development activity annually to keep yourself marketable , sharp , and aware of future job opportunities . # 2 Attend a nursing ( or nursing student ) conference to meet other driven and interesting nurses . This will help to fill your cup positively , especially if you stay in contact afterward . How to know if a specialty is right for you : Talk to at least three nurses currently in that field to help paint a picture of that specialty to see if it ’ s a good fit . Professional accomplishment I ’ m most proud of : I ’ m most proud of helping the people I set out to help . My department went from 38 % BSNs to more than 65 % in three years . When I ’ m not nursing , I love to … Deejay . I fell in love with it after I got home from my second deployment overseas . It helps me tune out and be creative . You can follow me at @ its _ djkachi . Community is important for nurses because … You care . As an emergency nurse , aside from quick-thinking emergent care , you also need to provide compassion and empathy . Your heart almost needs to be as big as your brain , because some of the stories walking into your ED will break your heart . Some of the best nursing you can give is moral support . Best way to feel part of the nursing community as a new nurse : In my first year of ED nursing , I was just trying my best to get my footing . Focus on developing a solid foundation in your specialty . Your grind will help other nurses see you ’ re a team player and an added value to the department .
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