Imprint 2022 January - Page 27

Caitlin VanderMeel , RN , CFRN , CEN , TCRN Flight Nurse & BSN student , Flagstaff , Arizona @ caitwinmary
Why did I start doing nursing posts on Instagram ( IG )? Initially , making posts just came naturally . As I grew as a nurse and became more confident in my career , IG became a big part of my life . Mission of my IG account : To motivate and inspire fellow nurses to believe that anything is possible with hard work and determination . Best advice for nurses starting out on IG : You are your own worst enemy . Don ’ t listen to the negative self-talk or compare your journey to anyone else ’ s . Just be your best self ! Top content creation tips : Stay transparent and relatable . Create content that is important to you and stands out in your life as significant . Favorite type of content to share : Definitely the motivational , grit , and hard work content . I also like to post real-life situations and the struggles , and then going beyond that to include how we deal with those struggles . What inspired me to be part of the BCEN InstaCrew : Certifications have been huge milestones in my career and they have made me a better clinician . I was beyond excited to be a part of this awesome team and help advocate for getting certified . Cool things that happened through IG : IG has provided so many networking opportunities . I was asked to do a “ Live with @ nurse2nnp ” where we talked about flight nursing and getting certified . One thing I wish I knew coming out of nursing school : Don ’ t wait to take the NCLEX . Give yourself 1-2 months dedicated to studying , and then do it ! I promise you are ready ! When selecting a specialty or considering specialty certification … Always have an open mind and be open to learning new skills . You never know where life will take you or what opportunities will arise . Nursing has so many avenues , so do not ever feel like you are stuck . As for certification , get a solid six months to a year of experience in the field and then study up ! Self-care go-tos : Massage , skin care , exercise , and sushi . When I ’ m not nursing , I love to … Spend time with my dog , family , and friends . I also love being outdoors . It is a big way I like to de-stress . Professional accomplishment I ’ m most proud of right now : I am proud to say I am successfully juggling working in a Level I surgical trauma intensive care unit ( STICU ), full-time , as well as flying in the whirly bird part-time on top of doubling my classes to finish my BSN early . This is all for the big goal of applying to CRNA school next spring . Community is important for every nurse because … We are all in this together . Best ways for new nurses to feel part of the nursing community : Shoot me a direct message ( DM ). I am always available to talk or for some advice . Also , your coworkers aren ’ t just your teammates , they can be your friends too . Get involved with them outside of work too , and it will make the bond at work that much stronger .