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Austin Johnson , BSN , RN , EMT-P , C-NPT , CCRN , CEN , CFRN , CPEN , CTRN , TCRN ED Workforce Development Clinician , Fort Lauderdale , Florida @ ajinflight
II started posting about nursing on Instagram ( IG ) because it offers a community that connects nurses all over the world , and it caters to our social and education needs . It is invaluable for mentors like me and nurses looking to gain insider knowledge about their dream jobs . Mission of my IG account : To share educational opportunities with emergency nurses who might feel overwhelmed with the sea of CEUs out there . I can help guide you into courses that align with your goals . Top IG tips : Be yourself . Your unique perspective is your greatest strength . When creating content , play around with different styles of graphics or videos . Then , pick your favorites . IG pitfalls to avoid : My biggest “ don ’ t ” is influencer-speak . If you sound too scripted , it may take away from your message . Relax and be you . Favorite type of content to share on IG : I love making and sharing graphics that spread Board of Certification for Emergency Nursing ( BCEN ®) or other certification-related info , including courses to help you get or stay certified . What inspired me to be part of the BCEN InstaCrew : When I first saw the # BCENInstaCrew website , I thought , “ I think I could really make a difference here .” And the rest is history . It is fulfilling and fun . Cool things that have happened through my IG account : Since I ’ ve been on Instagram , I ’ ve had the opportunity to meet people interested in emergency nursing and watched them go to nursing school , graduate , and start working . It ’ s incredible to watch students ’ full journey and share the title “ RN ” with them . One thing I wish I had known : Fresh out of nursing school , I struggled to not weigh my accomplishments against those around me . Some nurses went straight to the emergency department ( ED ) or intensive care unit ( ICU ). If I had focused on their path , I never would have enjoyed my own . Focus on you . Top 2 nursing career success tips : # 1 Never lose sight of your goal . # 2 Once you achieve it , it ’ s on to the next one . Advice about selecting a specialty and considering specialty board certification : Nurses can do anything . Cast a wide net to see and consider all of your options . If the specialty you choose has a certification in it , achieving that credential can not only give you immense personal satisfaction in your accomplishment , it can also show your coworkers , employer , patients , and their families that you are dedicated to what you do . When I ’ m not nursing … I ’ m either cooking or playing video games . Professional accomplishment I ’ m most proud of : Going from a continuing education student as a new graduate nurse to being a continuing education instructor . It has been full-circle for me to now design and implement an emergency nursing course for new ED nurses . Best way for new nurses to feel part of the nursing community : New nurses are inherently part of the nursing community , but I encourage you to ask questions and share your experiences . We were all new nurses at one point and the only way to grow is to go , go , go .
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