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By Emily Williams 2021-2022 Imprint Happenings Reporter
Adelphi University Student Nurses ’ Association Since the beginning of their fall semester , nursing students at Adelphi University in Garden City , New York , have been busy planning events , volunteering , and advocating . From hosting blood drives in collaboration with the New York Blood Center to organizing an LGBTQ + workshop to improve familiarity with LGBTQ + terms , students are never at a loss for how to contribute to themselves and their community . SNA members also worked with Project Hope , a crisis counseling program , to develop and maintain healthy coping mechanisms in response to COVID-19 .
Students used art to help their community by participating in a “ can castle competition .” They arranged cans and boxes from a food drive into the shape of a stethoscope . They won first place in the competition and were able to donate $ 100 to the philanthropy of their choice , Hope for Children , which is dedicated to helping children in extreme poverty .
To end the semester with productivity and positivity , Adelphi University SNA members made gingerbread houses , participated in nursing trivia games , and hosted a finals study session with therapy dogs during their Winter Wonderland event . It ’ s more than evident that the Adelphi SNA members are extremely dedicated to bettering the world around them .
Louisiana State University at Alexandria Student Nurses ’ Association It is no revelation that healthcare personnel have been remarkably underappreciated and under immense stress , especially over the past several years . Recognizing this , SNA members attending Louisiana State University at Alexandria put into action the gratitude they hold for local healthcare personnel . They dubbed their mission , “ EMS Operation Gratitude .” In less than one month , students were able to collect and subsequently donate a wide variety of supplies to their local ambulance services center , including disinfecting wipes , pens and penlights , packaged snacks , blankets , water , tumblers , and trauma sheets . The paramedics , EMTs , and nurses were extremely appreciative !
Michigan Nursing Students ’ Association
The Michigan Nursing Students Association held their 70 th annual convention in November . The convention was given the name of “ Care Carnival ,” and speakers presented on the theme of self-care . Attendees were given “ swag bags ” filled with self-care-related items , including coloring pages and colored pencils , as well as water bottles to remind students of the importance of staying hydrated . There were also vendors , prizes , and games to engage with .
Demonstrating leadership and advocating for their fellow nursing students , two attendees from Baker College ’ s Cadillac Campus presented their resolution on self-care . It was approved , and they plan on presenting it at the NSNA Annual Convention in April . n
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