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Conclusion My goal in this article is to encourage nursing students who feel a calling to care for the elderly to pursue that passion . For students who feel called to another specialty , I urge you to avoid perpetuating negative stereotypes and to remain open to the value gerontological nursing provides for patients and the nursing profession alike .
I sincerely hope that each reader embraces the principles of this specialty so that regardless of their discipline in nursing , all will advocate for their gerontological nurse colleagues and the elders in their care . You see , gerontological nursing is so much more than the setting in which you work or the age group you care for . It is a calling with great responsibility and also a tremendous privilege . Simply put , gerontological nursing will change your life . n
Reference Manchha , A . V ., Walker , N ., Way , K . A ., Dawson , D ., Couns , B ., Tann , K ., & Thai , M . ( October , 2020 ). Deeply discrediting : A systematic review examining the conceptualizations and consequences of the stigma of working in aged care . The Gerontologist , 61 ( 4 ) e129-e146 . https :// doi . org / 10.1093 / geront / gnaa166
Alexis Roam , MSN , RN-BC , DNS-CT , QCP , is a curriculum development specialist for the American Association of Post-Acute Care Nursing ( AAPACN ) and teaches a leadership development program for post-acute care professionals for the University of Missouri . She started her career as a certified nurse assistant and has served in a variety of roles , including director of nursing services , Minimum Data Set ( MDS ) coordinator , and nursing instructor . Alexis was a program manager for Missouri ’ s QIO , assisting skilled communities with their quality improvement efforts . Alexis has served as a regional nurse and a clinical consultant supporting clinical operations , compliance , and risk management . She is passionate about post-acute care and has held a board member position with her state American Health Care Association affiliate and her state ’ s board of nursing home administrators .