Imprint 2021 January - Page 70

Up Close

By Jessica Turnitiza 2020-2021 Imprint Up Close Reporter

Spotlight on Caitlyn Maurer

To Serve

Service — it ’ s the most simple , yet profound , meaning of helping one another . Service — it ’ s synonymous with nursing , an essential aspect to the core of one ’ s nursing care . The term “ service ” stems far beyond the definition of nursing and the trite Google definition but functions as a core value and character trait for Caitlyn Maurer . Caitlyn is a nursing student at the University of Scranton and is an Army Reserve Officer Training Corps ( ROTC ) cadet . While many students find themselves sleeping through their 9 am alarm , Caitlyn finds herself in an utterly different atmosphere . Her normal day consists of the complete opposite , compared to the typical students around her . A brightly buzzing alarm chimes at 5 am for physical training and she is up for the day . Though challenging at times , Maurer explains her key to remaining successful under stress . “ There have been days when I look at what I have for the week ahead of me and say to myself , oh no , however , I then take a deep breath and remember my end-goal — to pass my NCLEX and to be a great nurse .”
After her chaotic morning , she is then off to pursue her rigorous nursing classes with another class to gracefully contend with : Arabic . Where speaking fluent Arabic is indeed the norm , as an Army ROTC Cadet , Maurer had the opportunity to travel to Muscat , Oman to participate in a Depart-
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