Imprint 2021 January - Page 7

Brandi Borden


Brandi Borden
NSNA President Announces Changes for the Board of Directors NSNA is thankful for your leadership , during these challenging times of the economic crisis and global health pandemic .
I regret to inform you that Luiz Dias , NSNA Vice President , and Nicholas Fullmer , NSNA Director , have both resigned their positions due to personal reasons .
As student leaders , both board members honored their commitments and worked in their respective roles with dedication to fulfill their NSNA obligations . We wish them well for the rest of the global pandemic and in their future endeavors and nursing careers .
At a Board of Directors meeting held virtually on January 20 , 2021 , Kyle Loose , NSNA Director , was appointed to the position of Vice President . With only two months and two weeks left in their terms of office , the two NSNA Director positions were left vacant , but the work required will continue with the support of NSNA staff and current Board members .
With gratitude , the Population and Health Committee , chaired by Mr . Diaz , will now be chaired by committee member , Jaleighya Townsend ; and the Ethics and Governance Committee , previously chaired by Mr . Fullmer , will now be chaired by committee member Nikule Abel .
If you have any questions , please contact me at president @ nsnainc . org . Stay safe and healthy . n
Apply for the BTN Monthly Award Started in 2017 , the Breakthrough to Nursing ( BTN ) Project monthly award encourages students to participate in service projects in their school and in the community . Monthly awards , from September 2020 to March 2021 , in the amount of $ 100 each will be made to the winning school chapter . These awards are in addition to the traditional BTN Awards presented at the NSNA Annual Convention . The BTN Committee goal is to increase BTN involvement as well as to increase social media presence to promote BTN and encourage underrepresented students to enter the nursing profession .
From September 2020 to March 2021 , NSNA members and chapters may submit a photo , essay , service , or social media project addressing the following themes :
January : LGBTQ + Deadline : February 15 , 2021
February : Sex Education Deadline : March 15 , 2021
March : Sexual Health Disparities in Minority Groups Deadline : March 28 , 2021
For more information or to apply , visit www . jotform . com / nsnainc / btn-monthly-awards . NEWS Continued on Page 15