Imprint 2021 January - Page 5


Happy New Year ! I hope everyone is enjoying this fresh start . I ’ ve been trying to rest and repair before starting this new semester . As a senior , I ’ m slowly starting to prepare myself for the inevitable — graduation . The journey to passing the NCLEX and applying for jobs is certainly daunting . That is why this issue of Imprint , “ Pave Your Way : Set the Building Blocks of Your Future ,” serves as a Career Planning Guide . Whether you are just started nursing school or you are crossing the finish line , it is vital that you start building for your future .
One of the building blocks to success as a future nurse — if not the most important — is working together . On page 16 , read how peer mentoring has proven to be a successful tool in helping students learn in A & P classes . Actively working with a mentor or other students to practice skills and learn material helps tremendously . Working together also allows the development of communication skills , as well as seeing things from other perspectives — both important aspects of being an RN .
The best place to put your classroom knowledge into motion is through your clinicals . You know how to take vitals and perform a head-to-toe , but how can you really get the most of your experience ? One way is through transcultural nursing . Dr Jennie A . Gunn on page 26 discusses why culturally competent care is necessary for the profession of nursing . Asking patients their cultural preferences will not only improve the patients ’ experience but also yours as a student .
Before you know it , you ’ ve been through the trials and tribulations of nursing school . The next step is applying for jobs . See page 21 to learn more about the importance of having both a resume and curriculum vitae . Aside from working on your resume and cover letters , it is important to have recommendations ready . On page 19 , there is an article you can give to your professors or preceptors on how to write a recommendation letter . There is even a sample template included ! Make sure to ask way ahead of time before deadlines .
As you know , one of the best parts of nursing is figuring out what specialty you will pursue . On page 29 , Theresa Noyes writes a heart-warming story about how she found her unexpected calling . Without spoiling the ending , the message is simple : keep an open mind . That being said , explore on page 30 and beyond the Career Planning Guide which highlights the numerous nursing specialties you can pursue as a nurse ! From flight nursing to pediatrics , there is something for each and every one of you .
We , as an NSNA community , strive to see each of you succeed . Please use this issue as a tool to build your future . I encourage you to leave any feedback or suggestions , after all this issue is for you ! Aside from Imprint , read throughout this issue other membership opportunities such as how to apply for awards and FNSNA scholarships . Furthermore , the 69 th Annual Convention is coming up in April . I encourage you and your chapter to attend to receive assess to NCLEX review sessions , networking with jobs and professional organizations , and participating in opportunities like the House of Delegates . Once you get to the end of this issue , make sure you take the quiz and enter the Imprint Readership Drawing for a $ 500 scholarship ! Happy reading !
Start paving your way ,
Andrea Romano Imprint Editor