Imprint 2021 January - Page 12


Kylie Begin 2020-2021 Imprint Happenings Reporter
The University of Texas at El Paso Chapter — Texas Nursing Students Association Even though 2020 has looked very different for everyone , the nursing students at the University of Texas took It upon themselves to adapt to the new way of life to meet the needs of others . Aside from moving to virtual meetings , TNSA- UTEP Chapter has made social distance service to the community a priority . Just this year their chapter has been involved in tons of volunteer activities in the community . These events include virtual walks , blood donation drives , community clean-ups , bone marrow registry , animal service fostering , and school supply drives . TNSA is here to remind us that no matter what the world looks like , we can always do something to help others .
Nova Southeastern University Nursing Student Association — Ft . Lauderdale Chapter This year the nursing students at Nova Southeastern University are focusing on education both for their fellow students and the community . This chapter has made an effort to educate their peers on breast cancer , heart disease , self-care , and COVID-19 through the Women ’ s Breast and Heart Initiative non-profit courses . This course is specifically geared towards college students and allowed nursing students to gain an insight on these topics through PowerPoints and quizzes that they could take online while social distancing . At the end these students received a certificate for their completion . The Nova Southeastern University Nursing Student Association also found ways to educate the community around them through an organization called HANDY , Inc ., which provides career development opportunities to foster care students from elementary through high school age . During this virtual event , the nursing students presented information to the students on general health topics as well as explaining the role of a nurse and answering questions .
Illinois State University Student Nurses Association The Illinois State University nursing students dedicated this semester to self-care and focused their activities on their own nursing student peers . To begin with , they had an event for their nursing students to decorate pumpkins in order to build up morale and create ways for the organization to spend time together while social distancing . They also provided their nursing cohort with a virtual nursing internship fair which provided their nursing student community with career development and networking opportunities . In such a stressful semester , the nursing students of Illinois State University were able to remind their student members to make time for themselves .
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