Impressions from the first student mobility Margherita di Savoia Italy (1) | Page 2

Italy , a wonderful country , quiet , full of respectful and loving people . From the first moment I stepped in , I knew I was going to have a lot of memories . We were greeted with great warmth , feasted on all sorts of tasty dishes , I loved everything ; In the Erasmus project I made a lot of wonderful friends . Mrs . Beatrice , a very gentle teacher , took us everywhere , we got tired of the right ones but we visited many beautiful places and we participated in many interesting activities . I said goodbye with tears in my eyes , I didn ' t think I would miss it so much .. Thanks especially to Victoria and her family for making me feel at home . Thanks also to my friends : Clara , Grazia , Georgia , Jacopo , Stella and the others for the wonderful moments spent together ! A special experience , I would return to Italy whenever I had the opportunity . I miss you all !
Iordache Maria
All this experience was not only about knowing the importance of the beautiful city of Margherita di Savoia and Italy , but also about making friends , meeting wonderful people with a special culture that I will never forget . The way we were received , the hospitality and kindness of our host families , all made our stay there much more enjoyable than we would have imagined . I want to thank Sara and her family who made sure I felt good in their company and who were interested in making me feel as comfortable as possible . I discovered Italy as a beautiful , clean , colorful country , one I would definitely return to if I had the chance . I ' m glad we lived this adventure together and I hope that one day we can see each other again no matter where or when . Because I already miss you all .
Boacă Denisa-Maria
For the first time I want to thank the italians people for their hospitality and the fact that they were so good . If this project didn ' t exist , I wouldn ' t know all these great people . While I was in Italy , I went to different schools and kindergartens , I ate traditional food , I visited tourist locations and most importantly , I made new friends . Every day I visited something new or did a new activity , also here we were hosted by families from Margherita di Savoia , families who welcomed us with great pleasure and . I ' m very grateful for this opportunity and happy to be part of Erasmus
-Răzvan Rusu-
Italy is a very beautiful country and I was very happy when I found out I was coming . Margherita di Savoia is a city that has a pleasant , cheerful atmosphere giving a feeling of happiness being colorful , beautiful surroundings with a warm climate .