IMPACT INVESTING 2021/Q3 2021/Q3 - Page 3

Incorporates long-term capital appreciation with downside

protection. We seek to consider both financial return and social good. The strategy invests in a diversified

portfolio of stocks and ETFs in low-risk markets, and protects principal in high-risk markets by moving to cash.

The strategy proactively monitors long-term market trends to evaluate the risk/reward of having market exposure versus protecting capital.

BakerAvenue's Impact Strategy Factsheet

Sector Diversification:


Key Benefits:

represent $14tn in annual sales

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Top Holdings:

Portfolio Characteristics:

Invests in preeminent and financially-solid companies that allocate their resources with the goal of creating positive change in their communities and the world.

Broad sector and industry diversification.

A variety of internal and external

analytical tools are used to isolate socially responsible and high-quality securities.

Strict and unemotional sell discipline

using both technical and fundamental