Impact Georgia Magazine - Regaining Momentum - Page 9

Inmate Services started a new initiative during the pandemic in order to better prepare offenders for re-entry . Staff worked to set up a resource database for offenders to use that will have all necessary resources for applying and preparing for jobs . The database is shared with staff , offenders , and potential employers . Resources such as applications , contacts and resumes are all under one link and will be updated in real time .

Resiliency is the word that comes to mind when I think of the past 10 plus months . Because of our awesome staff and amazing volunteers , we have been able to overcome obstacles in our path .

- Superintendent Hassett
Reentry Services began implementing a community engagement initiative that focuses on resources for offenders ’ post-release needs . These resources cover employment , job skills training , housing , counseling services , financial assistance for family and children , mentors , and faith-based organizations . As many offenders were unable to connect personally with resources throughout the pandemic , counseling staff stepped up to assist . The staff acted as a pathway between offenders and resources , often completing on-line job applications , making phone calls and funneling information to and from offenders . Staff members were able to connect offenders to thousands of potential employers and resources before release .

“ Virtual training encompasses every aspect of the counseling department and the process has helped the counseling team become more united .

- Chief Counselor DeFillippes