Impact Georgia Magazine - Regaining Momentum Spring 2021 - Page 9


Assistant Superintendent Training

Leadership training is a vital part of improving employee performance within the Georgia Department of Corrections . Despite the hardships of the Covid-19 pandemic , the Leadership Development Unit has continued to offer the Assistant Superintendent Training Course . Participants in this training receive guidance in the Assistant Superintendent position and the superintendent ’ s responsibilities , including care & treatment topics and leadership development .
To be selected for the program , candidates must currently be in a management position and receive a recommendation from facility leadership or a regional director . The weeklong training is intended to prepare upcoming assistant superintendents and superintendents to be better prepared to function in a supervisory , management , or leadership role within the agency .
Due to the pandemic , Assistant Superintendent Trainings are now mostly conducted virtually to help lessen the spread of COVID-19 . Each training conducted in person now has fewer participants , allowing for a more hands-on and engaging courses . For safety purposes , all training participants and trainers must wear a mask while in the classroom and maintain the six-foot social distancing guideline . After completely shutting down due to COVID-19 , the Leadership Development Unit came up with various strategies to continue vital leadership training for our facility staff . As a result , seven students graduated from the Assistant Superintendent Academy .
Three Deputy Warden Academies and Warden ’ s Pre-Command will be offered in the upcoming year , either virtually or in-person , allowing the leadership unit to continue regaining momentum .
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