Impact Georgia Magazine - Regaining Momentum Spring 2021 - Page 8


The Office of Professional Development

Training Staff Adapt to Adversity While Continuing to Provide Exceptional Leadership
The Georgia Department of Corrections ( GDC ) sets the exceptional standard for staff training . Through the Office of Professional Development ( OPD ), which consists of Employee Education , Care and Custody , and Campus Operations , GDC staff are provided training , professional development , and educational opportunities throughout their careers . All opportunities for staff are developed through the Georgia Corrections Academy and the Leadership Development Unit and administered through OPD .
At the beginning of the pandemic , OPD was re-missioned to assist in training staff at state prisons , probation detention centers , transitional centers , GDC Headquarters , and GDC Fire Stations the proper method for sanitizing and decontamination . To date , OPD has assisted and trained every institution in chemical decontamination techniques .
As OPD shifted its mission back to classroom instruction , trainers have implemented sanitation processes , including classroom sanitation , six feet apart seating , temperature checks , and smaller class sizes . Each unit within OPD has continued to deliver in-classroom training throughout the regions while observing the GDC COVID-19 protocol and aligning with the Georgia Public Safety Training Center and Peace Officer Standards and Training Council .
The Office of Professional Development has educated employees and regained momentum while working through each training course ’ s changes . Thanks to our dedicated staff , we continue working toward our goal of American Correctional Association Accreditation throughout the state .
Basic Correctional Officer Training
Sergeant ’ s Academy
P . O . S . T Instructor Training
May 20 , 2020
June 20 , 2020
October 20 , 2020
January 21 , 2021
February 21 , 2021
Field Training PSO / In-Service
Lieutenant ’ s Academy / Supervision Management