Impact Georgia Magazine - Regaining Momentum Spring 2021 - Page 7

LIEUTENANT ( LT .) DANIEL STOKES began his career with the Georgia Department of Corrections in 1993 at Telfair State Prison ( SP ). In 2006 , Lt . Stokes attended the Field Training Officer ( FTO ) Program , and upon completion , was assigned as an FTO at Telfair State Prison ( SP ). In that same year , he attended POST Instructor Training and served Telfair SP as an adjunct instructor for ten years , until his promotion to Training Lieutenant in 2016 .
Lt . Stokes ' is an outstanding employee whose allegiance and commitment to the GDC are foremost in everything he does . His dedication and passion for his job were exemplified during the Covid pandemic emergency . Lt . Stokes volunteered to help with sanitation duties and assisting facilities with implementing new protocols . He also assisted with offender transports and delivering PPE across the state . Lt . Stokes worked without hesitation and did his job with no complaints , no matter how tough it got . He has proven himself to be a tremendous asset to the agency during the complex changes the pandemic created .
CAPTAIN ( CAPT .) JEFF MALPASS began his career in 2002 at Macon State Prison ( SP ) as a correctional officer . Since beginning his career , he has served as correctional officer , detail officer , sergeant , lieutenant , Basic Correctional Officer Training instructor , and is currently the Training Captain at the Georgia Diagnostic and Classification Prison .
Capt . Malpass has set an exemplary standard of service to the agency . During the Covid-19 pandemic , he showed his dedication and selfless service by delivering the necessary protective equipment to facilities and serving as a prison sanitation team member . Capt . Malpass also traveled and assisted in sanitizing facilities outside of his area to include 20 separate facilities , all while meeting the facilities ' training needs . His leadership characteristics do not just occur in critical times but every day . We are incredibly thankful for his commitment and leadership within the agency .
LIEUTENANT ( LT .) BRIAN DUNLAP began his career in 2006 as a correctional officer at Lee State Prison ( SP ). Throughout his tenure , he was promoted to Sergeant and Lieutenant . In 2016 , Lt . Dunlap became a general instructor , and in 2018 he began serving as the Training Lieutenant for Lee SP .
Lt . Dunlap has shown outstanding support in carrying out the Georgia Department of Corrections ( GDC ) mission during the Covid-19 pandemic . During the unprecedented times of 2020 , Lt . Dunlap took responsibility and readily accepted any task that needed to be done . He took part in helping facilities and leading sanitation protocols while continuing the training processes at Lee State Prison ( SP ). He has proven himself willing and capable of assisting the Department of Corrections charge forward in the face of a pandemic . The GDC very much appreciates Lt . Dunlap ’ s motivation , hard work , and loyalty to the agency .