Impact Georgia Magazine July - Page 6

Captain (Cpt.) Flowers joined the department as a Correctional Officer at Autry State Prison in 1993 and has been promoted through the ranks, most recently serving as the Chief of Security at Lee State Prison. She has proven to be a talented and hardworking professional with a remarkable work ethic. She motivates and encourages staff to work together to ensure offenders are reporting to class and details on time.

Cpt. Flowers often volunteers for training to enhance her communication skills and assist staff in modeling pro-social behavior and in understanding how to respond appropriately to offender conduct. Her ability to grasp the information in training and demonstrate/model the behavior for subordinates and offenders have made her an invaluable asset to line staff learning the importance of cognitive change for the offenders. She is a true asset to the Department, Lee SP, and the citizens of Georgia.

Lieutenant Telfair, Calhoun State prison


Lieutenant (Lt.) Telfair began her career with the GDC at Calhoun State Prison as a Correctional Officer in October 2014. Since beginning her career Lt. Telfair has served in many capacities within the facility and has excelled in each position she has held.

She performed admirably in each position she has held and is always complimented on her candor, tenacity, commitment to staff and "Can Do" attitude in accomplishing any mission given to her.

Lt. Telfair is admired by line staff, peers and leadership. Her abilities are limitless and her dedication to the GDC and Calhoun State Prison are beyond reproach.

Captain Flowers, Lee state prison