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June 2018

Officer Dawndalyn Epps

Dooly State Prison

Officer Dawndalyn Epps has been a Correctional Officer at Dooly State Prison since April 1, 2009. She approaches each day with a desire for excellence, while never overlooking an opportunity to lend a helping hand. Her supervisors look to her for stability in an ever-changing work environment, and her peers depend on her leadership and guidance as being the chair of the Employee Benefit Committee. Officer Epps approaches her job with a strong sense of integrity by providing excellent support in uplifting staff moral and truly cares about doing a good job, helping her fellow workers and providing a service that is integral to the functioning of the facility.

One day at the end of her shift, Epps was exiting the facility when a co-worker collapsed while walking in front of her. She moved quickly, signaling for help while ensuring that the officer did not suffer injuries. When the medical team arrived, Epps was able to communicate all pertinent information thoroughly concerning the incident and thanks to her, the other officer did not sustain any major injuries.

“Officer Epps is not only a vital member of our team, but in serving as the ‘go to’ person for the Laundry Institution who oversees the entire department, she lightens the load and adds joy to the day by always being in a servant mind frame,” said James Hinton, Deputy Warden of Security at Dooly State Prison.

Investigator Checobi Williams

Autry State Prison

Investigator Checobi Williams is a true professional and has been an outstanding investigator for Autry State Prison since 2016. She displays dedication, loyalty, honesty and trustworthiness and stays abreast of all available training, utilizing innovative ways to remain proactive in the fight against contraband in the prison. Her impeccable interpersonal skills are greatly noted in her day-to-day interactions with staff and stakeholders. Serving as a mentor, she constantly challenges staff to ensure they understand policies and procedures, which makes a huge impact on both new and veteran officers at Autry State Prison.

Often called an “unsung heroine,” Williams goes above and beyond her call of duty. She is called upon by local, state, and federal agencies to assist with special/intelligence details. She is called “a true Soldier for GDC.”

Sgt. Shemeka Phillips

Dodge State Prison

Sergeant Shemeka Phillips started at Dodge State Prison in January of 2013 and has been a model employee since her date of hire. As a Correctional Officer II, she trained new officers and with the inception of the Field Training Officer (FTO) program, she was selected to be the first FTO at Dodge SP in early 2016. With little guidance, she pulled the policy and memorized it and used her selfless service demeanor to build a FTO program at Dodge. Later in 2016, Phillips was promoted to Sergeant and named the Field Training Officer Coordinator (FTOC).

In January 2017, Dodge SP received its first four FTO positions and Phillips took them under her wing and taught them what she had learned and developed in the FTO program. During this time, she was not only promoted to Sergeant, but completed POST IT, Supervision and Management training, Defensive Tactics IT, and Firearms IT.

“Sgt. Phillips has been a true leader,” said Murray Tatum, Warden for Dodge SP. “She is a constant mentor and trainer to the FTO’s at Dodge. It is evident that the new officers admire and respect Sgt. Phillips,” he added.

After completing the FTO program, Phillips stays in contact with the new officers to ensure that they feel part of the team. She is consistently going above and beyond with the cadets and new officers at Dodge. Even while the cadets are away in BCOT, she will call and check on them to see if how they are doing.

WAlker SP Kairos

Mckinney does gang class

Graduation Day

In June, GDC celebrated offender achievements throughout the state with many graduation ceremonies!

Throughout June, GDC Fire Services were called upon to assist with multiple fires across the state.

Contraband was intercepted before making its way into Autry SP, Hancock SP and Central SP.


In June, multiple colleges gathered at Tift College to meet with GDC cadets and members of the public to discuss the educational opportunities their respective universities offer and answer questions.

College Goals

Putting Out Fires