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When you think about it, saving lives is what we strive to do whether it is through recidivism or preparing ourselves with a drill; both have the same goal in the end."


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Counselor Spotlight

Being a Positive Leader

By Trinity Stokes |

Lutria Jones, a behavioral health counselor, has been employed with the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC) for over two years at Ware State Prison.

As a behavioral health counselor, Jones provides case management, is an investigator on the sexual assault response team (SART), aids in grievance investigations and supervises other counseling staff. Jones also facilitates re-entry skills building, in addition to being appointed to obtain TOPSTEP documents (such as birth certificates, social security cards, and valid identification) upon an offenders release.

Prior to her service at GDC, Jones worked with Easter Seals of Southern Georgia as a support care specialist.

Jones believes she has impacted the staff at GDC and the offenders in numerous ways.

“I constantly try to be a positive leader and role model, not only to staff but offenders as well. I encourage staff by performing my job with a level of excellence, while demonstrating work ethic and always showing professional behavior,” she said. “My leadership skills have provided staff with understanding that teamwork and dependability is always expected.

The biggest impact I have on GDC in my opinion, is my dedication to my profession and my willingness to share what I have learned.”

Jones not only believes she has impacted those she has counseled, but she believes being a counselor at GDC has impacted her life as well.

She says, “Being a GDC counselor has impacted my life in numerous ways. I see first-hand how strong a counselor must be to be able to multitask, organize and prioritize, and use all those components at once and on a daily basis. Being a GDC counselor has also increased my knowledge of the criminal justice system and provided me with training I would not have obtained if I wasn’t employed with GDC. I have also been able to work with several different government agencies and learn their perspective of law enforcement.”

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