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•Accredited 4 year, bachelor level program

•Available to male and female offenders

•Established in 2006

•Located at Phillips State Prison and Whitworth Women’s Facility

•Graduates of program

are utilized to support facility chaplain

through religious services and mentoring of


• There have been 58 graduates from the

program so far and GDC looks to grow that

number into 2019

Ashland University

In FY19, GDC began a partnership with Ashland University (AU), a fully accredited brick and mortar university, to provide post- secondary education courses to offenders at Dooly State Prison (SP), Smith SP, and Whitworth Women’s Facility.

In the fall semester, approximately 50 offenders at each site, who were deemed eligible for the Federal Second Chance Pell Grant, began utilizing a learning management system on the JPAY GOAL device as their primary method for course participation. Due to the success of the initial program implementation, we expanded the program to Lee SP, Hancock SP, and Pulaksi SP beginning Spring Semester of January 2019.

By Justin Clay |

Beyond the Call

Board of Corrections Recognizes Excellence

JULY Edition


Keeping contraband outside the walls of our facilities is one of the primary initiatives of Correctional Officers with the Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC). Sgt. Elizabeth Scott has been instrumental in intercepting contraband at Montgomery State Prison (SP) on multiple occasions.

While at her post, Scott noticed a fellow officer was headed to the facility’s chicken house in his personal vehicle. Immediately, she notified the Perimeter Officer, who followed and observed the employee throw a black bag into the chicken house. Scott proceeded to the chicken house and retrieved the contraband, which contained tobacco. Due to her attentiveness in preventing contraband from entering the facility, the officer was arrested by the GDC Office of Professional Standards (OPS).

On several occasions she has intercepted contraband that was dropped near the chicken house or had been thrown into the wood-line at Montgomery SP.

Additionally, while reviewing video feeds from cameras at various locations within the facility, she noticed a fellow officer eliciting unlawful contact with an offender.

Scott has served the agency for over 12 years. She is known to display exemplary professionalism in her day-to-day responsibilities. Her attention to detail, diligent work ethic and devotion to the team over herself sets her apart as a true asset to the facility, GDC and the State.