Impact Georgia Magazine August - Page 7

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Officer Austin has been employed at Telfair SP since March 2016. He has consistently shown exemplary service to the facility and others by his selflessness, integrity and loyalty in all that he does. When duty calls, he is the first person to raise his hand and ask what he can do to assist. Officer Austin continually takes initiative and completes any task, if he observes something that must be done. No matter what obstacle is placed in his way, he has always adapted to the situation, and overcome the circumstances. During an incident at Telfair SP, Officer Austin unselfishly entered a housing unit by himself and began separating the offenders involved. Officer Austin’s quick instinct and willingness to go beyond the call of duty, demonstrates his unselfish dedication, loyalty, service before self, organizational commitment, professionalism, consistency, and teamwork to Telfair State Prison.


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