Impact Georgia Magazine August - Page 6

Lieutenant Bordeaux,

Coastal State prison


Lieutenant (Lt.) Bordeaux has served as an officer with the GDC for the last 20 years. He has maintained a high degree of professional participation in all that he accomplishes inside and outside of the department. Lt. Bordeaux is also a 20-year retired Staff Sergeant who served in the United Stated Army. Due his exemplary military experience, he was chosen to be the Commander of the GDC Honor Guard. At the Commissioner’s request, he has traveled throughout the nation to participate in special ceremonies, funerals, and Peace Officers Foundation events. Most recently, he was appointed by the department's Southeast Regional Director to lead Coastal State Prison officers in assisting with the ASCA Southern Directors' Conference. He was instrumental in laying the foundation, giving instructions and executing the operation for the planned event.

Lt. Bordeaux shows exemplary leadership skills and is an asset to Coastal State Prison and the Department of Corrections.


Lt. Goss started her career with the Georgia Department of Corrections in May 2011 as a Correctional Officer at Lee Arrendale State Prison. In August 2012, she was promoted to Sergeant (Sgt). Sgt. Goss transferred to Whitworth Women’s Facility in August 2015 as the Detail Sgt. where she was responsible for the oversight of the 16 contract details assigned to Whitworth Women’s Facility. In August 2016, Goss was promoted to Lieutenant. As can be seen in her quick rise through the ranks, Lt. Goss is a dedicated and hardworking employee. Lt. Goss frequently comes in to cover shifts during staff shortages, and always assists her fellow lieutenants to cover their shifts whenever needed. Lt. Goss can always be counted on to get tasks accomplished and often takes the initiative to complete something she knows needs to be done. Lt. Goss cares a great deal about the officers assigned to her shift, and is always coming up with ideas to submit to the Employee Benefit Committee to help build morale amongst staff. It is the hard work and dedication of employees like Lt. Goss, that can be counted on from day to day, that makes everyone’s job easier.

Lieutenant Goss,

Whitworth Women's Facility