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When you think about it, saving lives is what we strive to do whether it is through recidivism or preparing ourselves with a drill; both have the same goal in the end."


Commissioner Dozier






BY Kasandra Ortiz


Hi, my name is Nugget! I was adopted by someone named the Georgia Department of Corrections Commissioner and the Colwell Probation Detention Center (PDC) during the First Lady of Georgia, Marty Kemp’s, pet adoption event on April 30, 2019.

That same week, I started helping to select offenders to be in the Rescued Program at Colwell PDC. It is a program that allows offenders to learn how to groom and train dogs, like me. After I helped pick the offenders that would be in the program, I started training with Cold Nose College for eight weeks. I learned so much and they call me “Good Boy”!

During week one of training, I learned a few basic commands like “sit” and “down”. I also learned to recognize the sounds of the clicker, how to pay attention and focus on my leader, and nose target. Week two, I practiced the things I had already learned and got the hang of some new things. I learned how to politely greet, recall skills, and how to “stand”. By week three, I was getting the hang of it and learning more complicated skills. I learned the “box step”, how to walk politely on a leash, “stay” and “wait” for food and at the door, and even how to “spin”.

As weeks four to eight went by, I was taught to go to a location when told and I even learned the commands “leave it” and “relax”. Then they took my pictures and helped me get ready for my doggie graduation. I had so much fun, learned so much, and met so many interesting people!

But my favorite person was the secretary at Colwell PDC. When we weren’t busy learning, I spent time sitting with her in the office. I have to say; out of all the humans I like her the best. In fact, now I live with her and get to practice all my commands at her home after she adopted me. Thank you so much for teaching me all the things good doggies do and helping me get adopted!