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FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Because mining operations are located in some of the world’s most remote regions with few reliable means of communication, iVolve’s hardware is also equipped with in-built mesh networking that allows for the dynamic extension of networks. The company’s equipment uses IoT to remain interconnected without requiring access to a central server to help administer the network. iVolve says its independence from OEMs underlies its focus on supporting a wide range of vehicles and having the ability to add new interfaces on a regular basis. “This ensures sites that roll out an iVolve solution have the flexibility to support new machines as they are added to the fleet. iVolve works differently from its competitors in that the R&D team are agile and available to develop customisations specific to a given application or site’s needs. For every project, iVolve works closely with customers and partners to provide regular direct feedback into the development roadmap.” Zyfra FMS solutions from Peru to Russia Finnish-Russian company Zyfra Mining says it has recently implemented, together with CT Power, a fleet management and monitoring system in the mining section at Chinese-owned iron ore operation Shougang Hierro Peru, for COSAPI. This system will allow full monitoring of operations by increasing productivity and safety at Shougang mine thanks to the following features: real-time equipment monitoring, automatic truck assignment using intelligent ad-hoc algorithms, high precision selectivity in loading different types of materials, high precision drilling guidance and operator assistance. Also included in the platform delivery are road quality monitoring, tyre management and machinery diagnosis, among others. “The joint project with COSAPI is an opportunity for us to demonstrate the advantages and competitiveness of our technologies to mining companies in Latin America,” said Zyfra Mining Managing Director, Pavel Rastopshin. The news comes after recent success in India for Zyfra, where in December 2019, Thriveni Earthmovers Private Ltd, which through its joint venture TSMPL operates India’s largest energy conglomerate NTPC’s flagship Pakri Barwadih Coal Mining Project (PBCMP) in Jharkhand, awarded Zyfra the contract to implement its Intelligent Mine solution at the mine. Elsewhere, productivity at Russian Coal’s Stepnoy Pit has increased by over 5% following tthe installation of a VG Karier dispatching system (now known as Zyfra OpenMine) from Zyfra Mining for the mine’s BELAZ dump trucks. This is the first phase of the system’s deployment. “Thanks to the rapid installation of the system and successful integration into our production process, we have 24 International Mining | MAY 2020 been able to get the dispatching system up and running just two months after the project launch. We have updated the mine’s existing software by automating its information transmission processes. We are now modernising the GSM network, which will enable us to launch the new optimisation module for an additional productivity improvement,” said Sergey Sekletsov, Head of IT at the Chernogorsk Branch of Russian Coal. Up-to-date statistical information on transportation volumes and downtime, as well as dump truck distances and loads are now being transmitted to the 1C system installed at the mine. “The deployment in Stepnoy Pit is a unique project for us. We’ve managed to integrate our systems very quickly with no significant additional software optimisation. Phase 2 of the project will boost productivity even further by increasing the networks’ throughput capacity,” commented Aleksandr Bondarenko, Director at Zyfra Mining. The estimated effects after the full deployment of Zyfra OpenMine are up to 15% increase of productivity of shovels and dump trucks, up to 8% reduction of equipment operating costs, 5-10% fuel saving, up to 80% reduction of non- technological downtime. The system is deployed in 80 open pits with such companies as Severstal, SUEK, Stoilensky GOK, Polymetal and others. Stepnoy Pit is an asset of the Russian Coal federal holding company. Located in Khakassia, it produces D grade coal from the Chernogorsk deposit in the Minusinsk basin. The mine comprises seven coal seams and uses 130 and 55 t BELAZ dump trucks as process vehicles. The pit has a capacity of 4.5 Mt of coal per year. RPMGlobal unveils TALPAC-3D RPMGlobal has unveiled a new addition to its suite of mining simulation solutions, launching TALPAC-3D to, it says, help miners unlock greater potential value from operations. After detailed consultation with the global user base of TALPAC, RPMGlobal released TALPAC-3D to offer an enhanced user experience, increased functionality and a “stepping stone towards RPMGlobal’s other simulation products for those looking for more sophisticated simulation demands”, the company said. TALPAC-3D harnesses the functionality of RPMGlobal’s Truck and Loader Productivity and Cost calculator —TALPAC—with a gaming-inspired 3D user interface (UI). This makes it easier and Fleet management and monitoring system control room in the mining section at Chinese- owned iron ore operation Shougang Hierro Peru more efficient to import data, view results and make changes to models, and in doing so, enhances the ability for users to optimise haulage routes and equipment selection, according to RPMGlobal. “TALPAC has been trusted by the mining industry for more than four decades for its accuracy and equipment manufacturer independence, delivering best practice simulation for miners, original equipment manufacturer (OEMs), contractors and consultants,” the company said. “Originally developed as a tool to support truck and loader haul route calculations, TALPAC is now used all over the globe with thousands of users.” TALPAC-3D builds on the extensive history and smarts of TALPAC and applies a brand-new graphical UI, according to the company. RPMGlobal’s strategy has been to provide a much richer user experience across all products with a focus on the UI. This has translated into an upgrade for TALPAC-3D, bringing it in line with the RPMGlobal Intelligent Simulation suite including HAULSIM, the Discrete Event Simulation (DES) solution. HAULSIM was introduced to the market over six years ago and RPMGlobal has invested significant resources into ensuring the UI focuses on ease of use and intuitive controls across the entire simulation suite, the company said. RPMGlobal Chief Executive Officer, Richard Mathews, said: “The solution is reflective of the company’s commitment to taking on board client feedback and addressing the industry’s evolving needs. “While TALPAC has been the de-facto standard for the industry’s simulation needs for more than 40 years, we remain dedicated to introducing new solutions tailored to the requirements of the industry.” He added: “We realised there was a need for an innovative simulation solution providing the