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FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS advance Wenco’s vision – a fully interoperable pit-to-port mining experience, grounded in openness and partnership with other leading solution providers.” RIEGL W A VE V EFOR RM Li D A R FOR TOPOG GR APHY A Y & MINING iVolve Mine4D & ensuring data consistency Australia’s iVolve says its Mine4D FMS solution is installed on thousands of mining vehicles worldwide. CEO Kim Parascos says the company is focused on helping mining companies recognise the importance of data and the potential value it can bring to the table. Parascos emphasises that mining companies can get excellent benefits out of high-quality data. “One of iVolve’s strengths is our ability to build and maintain OEM agnostic interfaces to a plethora of vehicles. If the  iVolve Display showing truck loading data data is not consistent across the fleet, it can lead to poor recommendations when used in analytics. With almost two decades of experience in gathering and presenting data from mine sites, customers can use the iVolve system to bring more value to their mining operations. In today’s environment we see our customers really focused on mitigating risks and seeking to achieve improved productivity, all while keeping an eye on the bottom line. You need solid data to make that happen.” Since its inception, the company says it has worked with the majority of vehicle types used in this sector. On encountering a new vehicle type, iVolve works closely with the equipment manufacturer to create the necessary interface to track on-board data. “iVolve Mine4D sets itself apart with its simplicity and familiarity with mixed fleets while being flexible enough to meet specific customer requirements.” iVolve says it benefits customers by improving the quality and accessibility of their data, which provides them with the information they need to support quick decisions. An example of the benefits seen by one European mining company focuses on iVolve’s process of accessing and analysing production data in real time during the excavator loading operation. iVolve Mine4D’s Production functionality enabled excavator operators to load trucks optimally and dispelled the previously held fears of the overloading-related dismissal of HIGH PERFORMANCE SOL UTIONS FOR DEMANDING SURVEYIN NG PROJECTS RIEGL VZ Z--2000i • high-accuracy long-range 3D 3 terrestrial laser scanner • automatic on-board data re egistration • versatility for most diverse ap pplications by user-developed apps via python scripting an nd C++ programming • cloud connectivity and rem ote operation via Wi Wi-Fi Fi and 3G/4G LTE for autonomous data d acquisition • NEW heavy-duty camera (op ptional) for operation in harsh environments vehicle warranty claims. By utilising operational load data feedback mechanisms, the company observed productivity gains of 10-12% within six to eight weeks, translating to $10,000 per day. iVolve says its focus on turning a complex problem into a simple solution is RIEGL UA AV V LiDAR Sens sors & Systems reflected in the user experience of their FMS solution. “In understanding that user engagement is critical to a successful technology deployment, it was essential for personnel across the site to easily see value for themselves. iVolve took an innovative approach to UI design in this space by working closely with the end users directly in a complete redesign of the software. The VUX - -1UA AV V • versatile and powerful senso or for wide area UA AV V surveying result is users at all levels, operators, maintenance and office personnel, through to senior management, are presented the right data exactly when it is needed by a system that is simple and intuitive to use.” Not only is the user interface intuitive, the iVolve online reporting engine, iReport, provides a simple tool for scheduling and distributing reports. iReport enables automatically generated and distributed tailored reports, delivering immediate insight allowing any corrective actions to be taken early. miniVUX -1UA AV V / miniVUX X- -2UA AV V • lightweight sensors for integr ation in various small UA AV Vs miniVUX -SYS / VUX X--SYS • miniaturized i i t i d airborne ib l laser sc canning i systems t with ith IMU/GNSS system and came era(s) RiCOPTER • ready to deploy y,, remotely p iloted airborne surveying platform Explore the full portfolio of pro oven RIEGL LiD DA R sensors and systems www w..r “The tag line ‘let us worry about the complexity so you can focus on your own tasks’ is illustrated perfectly by iReport. All authorised personnel are armed with up-to-the-moment production and vehicle health data, sent directly to their smartphone, tablet, or PC.” RIEGL LMS GmbH, Austria | RIEGL USA Inc.| RIEGL J Japan Ltd. | RIEGL China Ltd. | RIEGL Australia Pty Lt td. MAY 2020 | International Mining 23