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FLEET MANAGEMENT SYSTEMS Hexagon – short interval control and the art of smart A proven fleet management system can bring many tangible benefits to a mine, including better and faster data to make real changes. But Hexagon adds that by integrating FMS with a dynamic scheduling solution means the dividends can be even more impressive. “Finding the best FMS for your mine, either through large-scale dynamic assignments fleet management, tablet- based fleet management, or just using secondary data collected by telematics or collision avoidance systems is critical. Finding a partner that can guide you through that journey is equally important.” Hexagon told IM it created its Mining division to provide customers with a smarter, more holistic view of their mine. Underground or at the surface, that means bridging the gaps between a strategic plan, a tactical plan, and execution of the tasks involved in moving material. In other words, short-interval control. “Greater control at a sub-shift level delivers even greater insights and aligns company strategy with execution,” says Mining division CTO, Rob Daw. “Hexagon’s customers are seeing great benefits in this area from the integration of our MinePlan scheduling solutions, Activity Scheduler (MPAS) and Schedule Optimizer (MPSO), and our fleet- management solution, MineOperate UG Pro and OP Pro. The data produced by that connection can pay huge dividends when it comes to productivity.” MPAS allows for direct access and feedback from actual production data in near real- time to compare and allow adjustments to the planned schedule and reconcile with real life. “Feed your short-term plan directly into the task management system and automatically update your short-term plan based on actual task progress. Delays are identified and the schedule can be updated immediately to account for the uncertainty. In both open pit and underground design and scheduling, we can connect with real-time data through short interval control.” By reducing the variance between plan and actual, Hexagon says customers are capturing greater project value. “A copper mine in Mexico, for example, had struggled to reconcile plans prepared with different software tools. The customer’s mine plan called for a high profile of run-of-mine leach and total material movement. A solution was required that would allow engineers to evaluate other planning alternatives to optimize the material routing in the schedule and reduce the mining rate.” Congratulations to our customers for OPTIMIZING Leveraging Data and Innovation to Optimize the Mining Value Chain in Real Time Hexagon’s MinePlan Activity Scheduler allows for direct access and feedback from actual production data in near real-time to compare and allow adjustments to the planned schedule and reconcile with real life The mine migrated to MPSO to produce optimum yet practical mine plans for long, medium and short-range planning, all in one tool. At the core of the mine planning process, MPSO is used to generate practical short- to long-term project schedules. By also using MineOperate OP Pro, the mine applied field data (eg speed table and cycle times) to accurately model the equipment requirements associated with a mine plan and specific material movement project. The integration between the two solutions dramatically improved performance, reducing the variance between plan and actual. Elsewhere, similar integration at an TRILLION TONS of HAULAGE over the last 40 years