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Through products such as MinePlanner , XECUTE and AMT Mobile ( from left to right ), RPMGlobal is offering integrated data exchange and learnings throughout the mining value chain
to economically optimise mining processes , our solutions now offer the ability to simultaneously optimise for ecological and / or carbon reduction drivers ,” the company explained .
RPM ’ s products are also able to optimise schedules using a user defined weighting or prioritisation of NPV versus emissions , allowing miners to balance both considerations in their decision-making process .
This is also displayed within the RPM simulation portfolio , which allows users to model , quantify and visualise the differences between diesel , hydrogen , hybrid diesel and electric vehicles within the mining fleet , as well as the emissions of each .
“ We also offer products that are specifically designed to capture , store , manage and report on environmental data ,” RPM said , referencing EnviroDataVault to share environmental data anywhere throughout an operation , including with external stakeholders .
“ This transparency has been a welcome change for many of those stakeholders who now have access to data from the operations ,” it added .
RPM ranks its most important development as a company in the last five years as the achievement of ISO270001 accreditation – a standard that , it says , ultimately provides an organisation with a framework for establishing , implementing , maintaining and continually improving an information security management system .
It explained : “ With cyber threat and data breaches on the rise , mining organisations need to know that they are doing business with other companies that take security seriously and have implemented best practice approaches to information security .”
This development – alongside a commitment to migrate many of its solutions into cloud-based platforms – harks back to one of RPM ’ s key differentiators : innovating on behalf of its clients . “ We spend a lot of time listening to our end users and then working with them to develop the next generation of digital solutions ,” RPM said . “ This approach means we are always developing solutions to solve real and current business problems , rather than trying to find a buyer for a solution we thought the market needed .”
Maptek on the path to value
Turning data into business insights is the primary goal of Maptek customer success strategies , according to Eduardo Coloma , Maptek CEO , explaining that its customers are also looking for
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ABB Ability™ Smart Hoisting ensures that you can improve uptime , availability and productivity of your equipment with actionable insights on key performance indicators . Welcome to a new era of mine hoist condition monitoring and performance optimization .
Let ’ s write the future . Together . an integrated offering to deliver on this . “ Maptek recognises this and strives to deliver the shortest , easiest path to value ,” he told IM .
This path to value – which stretches across the mine value chain , from extraction to production and even reconciliation – is progressively being shortened through the addition of mechanisms for augmenting and automating the flow of information .
An example of this evolved out of the application of Maptek Vulcan for resource estimation at the Cerro Los Gatos polymetallic mine in Mexico .
The operation already used Maptek Vulcan for resource estimation , yet , with a significant volume of new channel sampling and drill hole data for monthly updates requiring integration , Los Gatos was eager to optimise the process without sacrificing quality of results .
Coloma explained : “ The team was able to accurately define the mineralised zones , deploying Vulcan for exploratory data analysis to provide an overview perspective . Implementing the Maptek workflows tool , combined with Python scripting , automated the process , saving the operation 40 % in turnaround time .”
Resource estimations are now reconciled monthly against extracted material , with Power BI tools generating dashboards to allow Los Gatos to identify possible short- or long-term deviations from the resource model .
Such a process could be further improved with
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