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Lighting Sturdilite
Master Series on mining haul truck - the technology uses proprietary optics to reduce glare
ceilings producing a high light output ( 140 lumens per watt ) with low heat generation and low energy consumption . The very low energy
Paul Moore looks at the latest smart lighting developments , with mine lights adjustable to weather or operational conditions ; as well as the latest offerings in strip LED lights and cap lamps

The focus of the lighting market in mining remains the development of smarter and more situation specific solutions . At MINExpo 2021 this was evident as HELLA featured its new RokLUME 280N SMART light solutions which can adjust light individually to different weather or driving conditions . “ Experience shows that visibility in dusty , snowy , or foggy conditions can be significantly improved by using green or amber light . With the RokLUME 280N SMART , operators can change the colour accordingly . In addition , the intelligent work lamp is equipped with a dimming function to reduce both blinding oneself and other operators . In addition , the colour temperature can be continuously adjusted from warm white to cold white . This can increase visibility in many different situations .”

For easy conversion , the RokLUME 280N SMART has the same dimensions as the standard RokLUME 280N work lamp and also has a 2-pole Deutsch DT plug . The work lamp is available in six different light distribution variants : with Diffuse Flood , Close Range , Long Range , Pencil Beam , Tunnel Flood or ZEROGLARE illumination . All light distributions are equipped with SMART functions for individual light adjustment . The work lamp is also equipped with a lifetime function . With it , the system gives advance warning before the headlamp ' s service life expires , thus preventing unplanned downtime . Also integrated is an anti-theft protection and a memory function for saving individual illumination settings . HELLA also presented generation 2 of RokLUME 280N with a new ZEROGLARE reflector and improved light patterns and extended illumination variants .
In other innovations , in order to warn and protect the surrounding mining work area , HELLA use is environmentally friendly , reducing CO 2 emissions compared to conventional metal halide lamps . Power surges occur in supply networks due to different voltage levels which are detrimental to electronic components of LED fixtures – High Bay round is protected from such voltage spikes , guaranteeing a longer working lifetime .
Floodlight can prevent workplace fatigue by increasing visibility through its optimised light output ( 130 lumens per watt ). It is mainly used in extreme environments where high output lighting is required . This offers protection to workers by illuminating potential dangers near and far . The light of the Floodlight gives the perception of daylight . It has a specially developed LED colour showcased the RokLUME S700 RED with temperature of 5,700K . The cooler colour VISIOTECH projection technology . It projects a temperature gives a clean crisp and invigorating wide red marking on the ground , to optically lighting atmosphere , raising alertness and mark or demark danger and hazard zones in improving the employees ’ performance at work . order to warn and protect the surrounding area in The housing is made of high quality die-cast good time . Thanks to its powerful light output , aluminium which is robust , corrosion resistant the warning light can also be used on vehicles and retains its high dimensional stability . The with high mounting positions and is therefore LED technology ensures a low power particularly suitable for mining vehicles . consumption and long life span , coupled with a “ Providing unmatched corrosion resistance due reduction of CO 2 emissions compared to to an innovative thermally conductive polymer conventional metal halide lamps . housing and the toughness of a UV , chemical and Finally , in underground mining , LED strip impact resistant Grilamid lens , the RokLUME lighting remains a rapidly growing market , and S700 RED is the natural choice when exceptional HELLA ’ s offering in this space is FlexaTec . With a durability and long-term reliability in demanding colour temperature of 5,000K , the FlexaTec light environments is needed . The LED warning light is also very similar to daylight . This means that RokLUME S700 RED also features Multivolt colours can be distinguished more clearly in the circuitry , making it suitable for 12V or 24V DC dark , making sensory perception significantly systems . In addition , it is completely sealed easier and preventing workers eyes from tiring against dust and moisture .” quickly during a work shift in a dark underground
Finally , HELLA highlighted the High Bay and mining environment . The flexible LED light strip Floodlight for warehouse , workshop , high mast , from HELLA , designed for mining and other and conveyor illumination which are new to its industrial applications is available in 10 m , 80 m product range . Both new work lamps are highly and 100 m lengths . Individual 10 m lengths can efficient lights and contribute to CO 2 reduction in be interlinked via plug and socket end clips to up comparison to metal halide lamps . The High Bay to a length of 100 m from one power source . round offers optimal lighting output which can Installation is easy , thanks to the specially have a major impact on the ability of workers to designed clips . do their jobs safely , through
HELLA ' s RokLUME 280N SMART light reducing workplace fatigue solutions allow adjustment of lights
and the risk of injuries . The individually according to different specially developed LED weather or driving conditions colour temperature of 5,000 K plays a large part in helping to preventing tiredness through a well-lit workplace . The quality aluminium housing and reflector are specifically designed for high
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