ILOTA Communique December 2017 Communique | Page 20

Volunteer Positions If you are interested in a leadership position, there is an open opportunity within ILOTA: • Multicultural Liaison You can also contribute to committees such as the Newsletter Committee, Annual Conference Committee, or other special events committees. There are also opportunities to review submissions for the annual conference, engage in fundraising, contribute to the communique, and/or attend a continuing education event. Please contact the ILOTA office if you would like more information on volunteer opportunites. Submit Articles to the Communiqué Each issue of the Communiqué seeks to highlight areas of Occupational Therapy Practice. We appreciate our readers’ wide-ranging experiences. Each issue features a different theme: • • • January/February/March: Education, Research, Pediatrics April/May/June: Gerontology, Home Health, Low Vision July/August/September: Physical Disabilities, Hand Therapy, Driving Rehabilitation, Assistive Technology • October/November/December: Mental Health, Work, Ergonomics Do you have an article that does not fit the themes already listed? Send it. We welcome articles from diverse and novel perspectives. Article Guidelines: • Articles should contain title, introduction, body, summary, and references when appropriate. Page 20 • Theme articles might include photos and/or graphics. • Articles should be approximately 300-1000 words. • Authors are requested to submit a professional biography, maximum 35 words. • Passport type photos are recommended for author photo. • All work should be original work. If work submitted is not original, one must have written permission from the original author to place specific item in Communiqué publication. Please use quotes when quoting others and give credit to original authors. • Please give credit to individuals who collaborated to complete article (e.g., those helping with research, providing background information, helping write article, etc.). • For the next issue, articles should be submitted by February 15, 2018. SUBMIT ARTICLES TO: [email protected] The Communiqué editorial committee reserves the right to edit any material submitted.