ILOTA Communique December 2017 Communique | Page 13

October / November / December • Issue 4 • 2017 ILOTA Award Winners, continued from Page 12 fieldwork site coordinator at Alexian Brothers Medical Center and has been the Academic Fieldwork Coordinator at UIC for the last 12 years. After taking on this role at UIC, she saw a need to improve the networking and information sharing among OT and OTA academic fieldwork coordinators throughout Illinois. She founded the Illinois Academic Fieldwork Coordinator Consortium and led the group for 10 years. This group is now a subsection of the ILOTA Education Special Interest Section. She has regularly presented at ILOTA conferences regarding fieldwork education and 15 fieldwork-related presentations at AOTA conferences and presented internationally. Through Dr. Preissner’s work on several research projects and grants on the effectiveness of OT interventions for people with Multiple Sclerosis and their lay caregivers, she has provided OT practitioners with evidenced base research and resources to support best practice. She has authored or co-authored 18 publications and has delivered 37 presentations about her work with MS. She has chaired and co-chaired the Annual ILOTA Conference 2 years; registration chair and or manpower chair 3 years. She has co-chaired the ILOTA Archive Committee and initiated the “Archives Corner” in the Communique and frequently has authored articles for the Communique. She has contributed to the preservation of the history of OT. She was recently selected as a faculty fellow for “Securing the Common Good: Hull House History at UIC”, a yearlong faculty institute, funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Her focus has been on the early beginnings of OT at Hull House, creating a pamphlet for OT students, practitioners, and other interested parties to serve as a supplement to the Hull House self-guided tour, so that those interested can gain a greater understanding of the relationship between Hull house and OT. The Awards ceremony ended by recognizing, thanking and bestowing the ILOTA Honorary Lifetime Member recognition to Catherine Brady, Kathryn Melin Eberhardt, and Melanie Ellexson. They have dedicated their professional careers to promoting and teaching OT; making extensive contributions to the profession. Clinically and academically they have had a positive impact on their patients/ clients, changing lives. They are also responsible for influencing 100s to if not 1000s of occupational therapy practitioners. OT Student of the Year Marlena Mosbacher Ryan Walsh OT of the Year Kathy Preissner Honorary Lifetime Member Catherine Brady Kathryn Melin Eberhardt Melanie Ellexson Melanie Ellexson, Marlena Mosbacher, Ryan Walsh, Catherine Brady, Kathryn Melin Eberhardt, Kathy Preissner Page 13