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Continued from page 28 ADEBISI SHANK This Is The Third Album By A Band Called Adebisi Shank (Sergeant House) Although armed with a singularly incisive sound, armfuls of angular hooks, and a healthy penchant for quirkiness, Adebisi Shank has suffered from misconception and unfortunate associations with Fang Island (and those album titles certainly don't help). This third album solves two of those three problems, shedding the mathy, punk-oriented abrasion in favor of electropop anthems bristling with futuristic optimism and expansive euphoria, while carving a sonic signature that's unmistakably Shank. First single "Big Unit" is as thrilling as music gets, with cataclysmic, triumphant glee slathered over propulsive swells; "Voodoo Vision" seeks similarly soaring heights with bombastic aplomb. Adebisi Shank appear brimming with confidence, ready to burst like the shattered light bulb that adorns the cover. – Patrick Conlan 7 THE JIGSAW SEEN Old Man Reverb Plenty o New & fUs ed VINYL Your Import Rock Specialty Store! Thousands Of Import CD's, As Well As Regular USA Pressings of CD's & DVD's! • Specializing in Prog, 60's - 70's psychedelic rock, fusion and alternative titles. • Audiophile UK & European versions of your favorite 60's - 80's rock • Japanese, releases and remasters with extra songs, different tracks, with earlier release in Super titles now better than ever, dates. 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NEW Hours: Tues Saturday: - Sat: • 11-5, Closed SunExpires HOURS: 11/30/14 6/30/11 e-mail: [email protected] Gift Certificates available 42 november 2014 (Vibro-Phonic) The members of the Jigsaw Seen have spent their lifetimes assimilating the history and culture of classic pysch-pop, and the last 25 years refining their own version of it. Old Man Reverb traces a story arc through a life in music. With the snap and snarl captured here, it's no wonder that Kinks guitarist Dave Davies borrows the band's rhythm section for solo tours. "Let There Be Reverb" addresses pop music as the sacrament it can be, sanctified by the beatific buzz of Jonathan Lea's guitar riff and a heavenly, Beach Boysinspired bridge. The pendulum then swings to the Bowie-esque, earthbound oddity "Idiots with Guitars," a tongue-incheek reminder that some rock is destined for the cut-out bins. Drummer Teddy Freese propels "Die Laughing" with flair, hinting at the perfect pomp of a Moody Blues rocker. The twanging "Abide" nods to "Ghost Riders in the Sky." Tom Currier's bass growls throughout "We Women," a cautionary tale describing the dire circumstances men could encounter if ladies rally to give them the treatment they've earned. The 12-string "Ticket to Ride" jangle of "Your Mind is Like Mine" celebrates the rare joy of finding a like-minded companion. "Grief Rehearsal" finds its protagonist preparing for the worst, possibly at the expense of making the most of the present. Despite the band's association with a Hall of Famer, the Jigsaw Seen's legacy is its own. Singer Dennis Davison's best compositions yet give life to Old Man Reverb, and his comrades clothe the gentleman in finest fashion. – Jeff Elbel 7 Follow Us on Twitter ie_entertainer LUCINDA WILLIAMS Done Where The Spirit Meets The Bone (Highway 20) In an era when full-length records are dwindling and sales of singles continue to surge, it's especially ambitious of Lucinda Williams to release her first ever double album. But leave it to the insurgent singer/songwriter to throw the rule book out the window, not only when it comes to length, but also as she converges at the crossroads of alternative country, blues, folk and Americana. Even at 61, the triple Grammy winner remains razor sharp as a songwriter, personally penning 18 of the 20 gusty tunes, plus expanding her father Miller Williams' poem "Compassion" and covering JJ Cale's "Magnolia." Out of the originals, "West Memphis" is amongst the most th