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Continued from page 34 ing, where you take your time and put effort and thought into it. This time it was more like that. There's highs in there, they're just blended properly. It's blended in a way where it's not as obnoxious. There's a lot of those high tracks where it's just nails on a chalkboard to me. I used my normal voice instead of trying to create this very low voice that I've done in the past. I got away from that. I want people to understand what I'm saying. There's more emphasis on pronunciation on this record. Mosh: Your dislike for the Hoffman brothers (Eric and Brian) is well-documented. I see they resurrected the name Amon in 2007, which was your band name before Deicide. Glen Benton: I had that name before I even knew them guys. They stole the name of my band. Which, I don't care because I came up with the name Deicide. They can't take that from me. As much as they tried to, they can't. There is no band named Amon, because there is no band. It's just Eric (Hoffman). Brian (Hoffman) quit. Jesse (Jolly) quit. The drummer quit. There really is no band. There's no tour coming. They can open up for me anytime they want. I look forward to it…but that will never happen. Mosh: Deicide seems to be more of a cohesive unit now. Glen Benton: (Guitarists) Jack (Owen) and Kevin (Quirion) play great together. They are two of the best guys to be in a band with. We all four right now are thinking the same thing. It was an actual writing process where we all wrote together. We all had input on the album as far as writing the music and Kevin gave me a lot of inspiration for the lyrics. It was a great time and I think it shows on the album. It's like how we used to write in the old days. Someone comes to practice with a part, then I'll improvise a part, then Steve will throw in a part, then Jack will throw in a part, and you have a song. Instead of one person writing it all and sounding like that one person, it gets a little boring after awhile. Now we have this chemistry where we all have a part in the writing process. You have a flavor of everybody in there. It's got a mixture of everybody in it, which in the bigger picture, comes off more convincing. Mosh: Deicide's guitarists have come and gone over the years, but you and Steve (Asheim, drummer) remain a constant. I assume you guys still share a strong connection with the direction and integrity of the band? Glen Benton: Me and Steve (Asheim) have been in this band from the get-go. Even in the beginning, I didn't want those two f-king morons (Hoffman brothers). They kind of came as a packaged deal back in the day because those three were friends. When I first met the Hoffman's, I wasn't impressed at all. All I wanted was Steve. I figured with a great drummer like Steve, getting a couple of decent guitar players would be simple. But it kind of rolled that way. I'm not trying to dis them, but earlier you asked why the band has gotten progressively better musicianship-wise? Well, I think it's obvious. Mosh: What's the future hold for Deicide? Glen Benton: There's no mystery that a lot of the older bands are dropping off. We're getting a lot more better offers than we used to because we're still here. We're still doing this. Lemmy from Motörhead is just about done. Slayer is only Tom (Araya) and Kerry (King) now. A lot of these bigger bands are falling off of these festivals over in Europe. So we're going to go over there and fall into some headlining slots at some of these festivals. I'm not getting any younger. Getting out there and doing this sh-t … I'm not just doing this for breakfast at Denny's anymore. Continued from page 37 the song before/after it didn't have." Phosphene is celebrating the release of Any Last Words at House Of Blues on January 5th. "Many of the songs from the album will be played in our set, one will even have a surprising twist to it. The MOSH-WORTHY…LIVE: In This Moment (Home Bar, Arlington Heights 01/10), Erimha (Reggies, 01/26), Amon Amarth (House of Blues, 02/07). at Eclipse Studios MOSH-WORTHY: Toxic Holocaust Chemistry of Consciousness (Relapse), Aenaon Extance (Code 666), Pentagram Chile The Malefice (Metal Blade), Exhumed Necrocracy (Relapse Records), Satan's Wrath Aeons of Satan's Reign (Metal Blade). WORTH A MENTION: Local experimental/prog/black metal oddballs Murmur (featured in Mosh next month) just released their self-titled sophomore effort, which features a rousing cover of King Crimson's "Larks". Chicago's self-dubbed prog/sci-fi/yacht metal trio Royale is offering a free, downloadable five-song EP on their Website, It's worth checking out if you're a fan of space/prog/'70s rock. Massachusetts metal band Hellspeak, featuring members of Meliah Rage, Dark Day Sunday, Machines of Grace and Shadows Fall, has a six-track EP, The Slaughter Rule of Agony, available on iTunes. band has spent most of 2013 working very hard to get everything prepared and ready to come out with a bang in the new year. We are very anxious to finally debut everything we have worked so hard for, everything we represent, and everything we aspire to be in 2014 starting with our show January 5th. We really hope to see everyone there to support us as we make next year 'our time to shine'! Hey Studiophiler: To get your studio or band listed in "Studiophile," just email info on who you're recording or who's recording you to, subject line: Studiophile, or fax (773) 751-5051. january 2014 41