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PETE BERWICK The New Album and compelling way, and the band's songwriting maturity had obviously not yet developed. But it still makes for an interesting look for die-hard fans re-discovering the early days of an enduring band that helped define a genre and a decade. "If any man deserves the title of hardcore troubadour, then it's cowpunk pioneer Pete Berwick." 3 – Carter Moss MUSE Live At Olympic Stadium - Rootstime Magazine ALBUM PHOTO BY MICHELLE GADEIKAS APPEARING IN JANUARY FRIDAY JANUARY 3 FRIDAY JANUARY 24 7:00 PM THE CARRIE DIARIES WGN TV - THE CW NETWORK PETE'S SONG "NUCLEAR BOY" FEATURED 9:30 PM PHYLLIS' MUSICAL INN 1800 W. DIVISION CHICAGO, ILLINOIS SUNDAY JANUARY 19 THURSDAY JANUARY 30 10:00 AM - NOON THE LODGE 899 MAIN ST. ANTIOCH, ILLINOIS 847-395-3373 (Warner Bros.) British rockers Muse have always staged a massive show, but with 60,000 ardent fans accompanying the experience at one of Europe's largest stadiums, the energy level is even more intense than a typical arena visit in America. Available as an audio download or CD/DVD set, Live At Rome Olympic Stadium is indeed the progressive revivalists' most monumental outing to date and the trio sounds absolutely larger than life on the soundtrack edition, from the opening charges of "Supremacy" through the closing bombast of "Starlight.” In between, the band deliv- disgusted with yourself" with festive Latin horn playing on "Rose-Coloured Glasses.” The guitar-driven "No Time To Sweat" concerns a contented family man who's nevertheless bug-eyed over a hot-looking woman he encounters. Walkley's vocals are too precocious on the ballad "Children,” but he makes the acousticbased "Silverdollar Pancakes" and "Hello Eyelids" clever and engaging. The funky "It's Alright" evokes Prince and Sly Stone; "Lost My Way" has a dramatic 1970s hard rock stomp; and Walkley closes this eclectic collection with the big, Bruce Springsteen style rock of "A Toast.” 7 - Terrence Flamm ALEX CHILTON Electricity By Candelight (Bar None) The story behind this recording is pretty remarkable, as is some of its music. In February of 1997, the late Alex Chilton, lead vocalist, guitarist and leader of both The Box Tops (in the '60s) and Big Star (in the' 70s) was scheduled to do a couple of electric shows with his solo band at New York's Knitting Factory club. Between the first and second show that night, the 8:00 PM FITZGERALD'S 6615 ROOSEVELT ROAD BERWYN, ILLINOIS 708-788-2118 Muse Albums and updated live dates: ers several highlights from its latest experimental masterpiece The 2nd Law, like the funky romp "Panic Station,” the electro power ballad "Follow Me" and the trippy momentum builder "Madness." The 13 track set list also features several nods to Muse's highly influential past, including "Knights Of Cydonia," "Supermassive Black Hole" and "Uprising" in all their epic glory, suggesting that bigger continues to be better for one of this generation's most defining rock acts. – Andy Argyrakis 8 PT WALKLEY Shoulders (Self) Singer-guitarist PT Walkley travels across several genres while delivering quirky tales and an offbeat philosophy on his latest effort, Shoulders. His talky, mannered vocals are a good match for the material, although he occasionally sounds like he's going overboard with his singing and his lyrics. Mostly though, Walkley is entertaining while steadfastly playing by his own rules. Shoulders is the type of album where Walkley follows the line, "It's all right to be 40 january 2014 venue lost power and announced the second show was cancelled. Most of the people got a refund and left disappointed, but a handful of die-hard fans decided to stay in the hopes that Chilton would come out and chat. He did more than that, with an acoustic guitar (and his drummer, who played brushes on a snare drum), he did an 18 song set ranging from country classics ("It's Raining In My Heart," "Lovesick Blues") to American songbook tunes ("Someone To Watch Over Me,") to Jazz standards ("The Girl From Ipanema"), along with songs by The Beachboys, Joni Mitchell and Loudin Wainwright III, thrown in for good measure. Fortunately, one of the fans had a battery operated cassette recorder and captured the entire show, with a single mic. While the performance is both heartfelt and very personal, the just barely acceptable audio quality makes for a rough listen, every time. This is all about the historical significance of Chilton's musical legacy and the fact that he was caught simply playing songs he often listened to and loved. For that alone, it is a worthwhile release. 7 – Bruce Pilato