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NEIL YOUNG Live At The Cellar Door FAVORITE UNCLE (Reprise) Of the six selections on this solo, acoustic, 13-song 1970 show not also represented on the solo, acoustic, 17-song Live At Massey Hall 1971, the highlight here is the Buffalo Springfield gem "Flying On The Ground Is Wrong," which Young introduces for three-and-a-half minutes while absentmindedly raking the strings of a Steinway grand. "This song is about dope,” he admits. "It's about what happens when you start getting high – and you find out that people you thought you knew, you don't know anymore 'cause they don't get high and you do. Your girlfriend, she doesn't understand. Your life is crazy." The humor of the situation is not lost on him. "You'd laugh too,” he says, "you know, if this is what you did for a living." 7 --Arsenio Orteza THE REBEL SET How To Make A Monster UNCLE TUPELO No Depression: Legacy Edition (Legacy) The first time this album was reissued, it was absolutely necessary because No Depression had been no available in print for some time. But here we are, almost 25 years since the GREATEST ALT-COUNTRY ALBUM OF ALL TIME was unleashed, and with all this updated context. Due to the natural progression of things, Uncle Tupelo came to be known as Jeff Tweedy's first band. Alt-country's meaning changed to something far more loosely defined and marketable. (And custom now dictates that we reissue albums about every decade – though that depends largely on David Bowie's whims.) Having not revisited these songs in several years, immediately striking is how vastly