Illinois Entertainer January 2014 - Page 12

sort of doing a reunion or an oldies tour career, so we're still hanging in there. IE: New Year's Eve in Chicago is bound to be a party. What do you guys hope to add to the night? TC: We talked to the promoter that's putting on this show and we're gonna be finished about 11 o'clock, so we're not going to be bringing in new year, 2013 saw the closing or reorganization of more than a handful of nightspots. Ultra Lounge, Viper Alley and John Barleycorn in Schaumburg are just a few of the live music venues that changed themes or closed their doors. Bucking the trend are the folks at Austin's Eatery & Saloon in Libertyville. we're just going to prime people and make sure they're ready to bring in new year with comedy. We want to laugh the old year out and bring in the new year with laughter…We're working with War on this one [who's song "Low Rider" was used in "Up In Smoke”], so the evening will also be musical in addition to all our classic old bits that everybody comes to see. Along with their iconic Fuel Room, the Fuel Arena will host it's first concert next month on the Lake County Fairgrounds. Owner Mark Kh ^X]\