ILBC 100th General Assembly Directory ILBC_Directory_2017 - Page 5

The Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, founded in 1968, stands for the progression of the African-American community by promoting education, health and welfare, minority business enterprise, job creation, consumer education and criminal justice reform. As chairman of the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus, it is a great honor to serve within an organization dedicated to improving the quality of life for African-Americans. I will diligently work in a unified effort with our membership to continue fostering economic growth within the black community by ensuring statewide inclusion and diversity. The ILBC will continue working with business leaders and community stakeholders to find ways to spark job creation in a growing economy. Preparation is the true path toward future employment opportunities. To illuminate that path, the ILBC will continue to work aggressively to ensure our children have access to a world class education. While future generations are preparing themselves to lead us to a better, brighter future, the ILBC will protect them by ushering in legislation to preserve their rights. I will work to expand on our collective leadership as we continue to effect real, positive change. We are committed to doing this within the budget process to protect programs that shape and improve African- American life. The ILBC will use our voice and position within the Statehouse and within districts across Illinois to represent the interests of Illinois citizens. In the Spirit, Senator Kimberly A. Lightford Assistant Majority Leader ILBC Chairman Page 3