IJGA Newsletter: The Oaks March 2019 | Page 2

ROAD TO COLLEGE GOLF Whether someone is well ahead of the process or in their senior year trying to find a university, there is a school for everyone who has the grades, the interest and motivation to play college golf. Q: How can I get into Duke and play golf? A: Great question and a wonderful aspiration. Duke is a top ranked selective university with a very competitive golf team. Their academic requirements are high, with a 1550 average SAT score. The golf team is consistently in the top 10 and is currently ranked #2 of NCAA Division I colleges. So if you want to play for the Duke golf team, work hard on your academics and your golf development because Duke attracts the very best students, on and off the course. IJGA and BGGA hosted an information-sharing session, “The Road to U.S. College Golf” at Princeton’s Cherry Valley Country Club, February 16. The event provided junior golfers and their parents with insight into college golf programs and the requirements to build a college golf resume. The event was attended by 30+ residents from the Princeton area. Lee-Anne Misseldine, a senior executive at BGGA and IJGA provided insight, shared her 24 years of experience in the junior golf industry — and included many interesting anecdotes. The Academies host information- sharing sessions on college golf programs on a regular basis, at no charge. Please contact marketing if you are interested in hosting an event in your area. Sample Q&A from the families: Q: How early should we start the college process? A: It is never too early to start the process of learning and being curious about college golf. Middle school students can attend college events and visit campuses to watch sporting events or support their siblings and friends. At our Academies, we try to start the process in the 9th grade to help students identify which colleges they may be interested in and begin thinking about what they want from their college career. This is one of the most important decisions a young person can make. We want to give them as much information and support to make the best possible choice for their future. 2 Q: How important are academics? A: We can’t stress enough how critical the role of academics play in the college process. In college you are a student- athlete, a student first and foremost, and you cannot lose sight of that fact. We have known a number of players who could not attend their dream school because they did not stay on pace from 9th grade with their academics, and focused only on golf. Some tips … remember that every grade counts from your freshman year so work hard on all your assignments, homework and tests because it all counts. Whether you take the SAT or ACT, prepare well and do your best to give yourself the best opportunity. If English is your second language, make sure you plan and prepare to take the TOEFL as early as your freshman year to make sure your english proficiency is improving. Most schools require 70-80 so keep working until you achieve your goal score. Q: What is the most important part of the process? A: There are so many things that are important in this sometimes overwhelming process. However, ownership, accountability and focusing on the action steps and process are critical success factors. Many students are overly reliant on coaches, parents or advisors, to the detriment of their college journey. Parents, we want to do our best for our children, but the more they can step up to the plate and own the process for themselves, the more rewarding it will be for your child — yielding better results.