IJGA Lifestyle Program 2019 - Page 4

We’re preparing students of character for success in college and life. COLLEGE PLANNING and PLACEMENT The IJGA Lifestyle Program approach to college placement has proven effective time and time again. Students of IJGA have received over $50 million in scholarships over the last 20 years and our alumni have gone to attend prestigious U.S. universities such as: Georgia Tech, Princeton, Dartmouth, Oklahoma State University, Texas A&M, Notre Dame, Yale, University of Alabama, UCLA, Boston College and more. The college planning and placement department at The IJGA Lifestyle Program is distinctive in a number of ways. • The developmental aspects of a student’s growth during the Lifestyle Program are aligned with college admission tasks. Each year we build a little further on a student’s foundation for college admission as they build their own foundation for leadership. • The Program offers students an opportunity to immerse themselves in an environment that is not unlike a college campus. • The IJGA Lifestyle Program works with students and families to create an individualized roadmap for reaching their goals at the collegiate level. • The Program fosters active and open-minded collaboration with students and parents. In this supportive environment, students learn to identify their goals and interests to enable healthy and confident decisions about higher education. It’s about each student’s personality, goals and dreams. The IJGA Lifestyle Program focuses on each student’s personal criteria to find a well-balanced list of schools. We are respectful of and encourage each student’s passions. Students go to Yale. They go to Duke. They go to Princeton. But they also go to the Masters, Wimbledon and The Olympic Games.