IJGA Lifestyle Program 2019 - Page 12

We understand the journey to find your passion. Too often young student-athletes are pressured to choose and achieve too early. We allow young athletes time to grow. SPORTS Students are taught by professional coaches who not only teach in-group sessions, but with individual lessons, which is necessary for ultimate development in sport. We help students build on fundamentals and give them a solid foundation of mental and physical preparation that will ultimately help them mature and become the lifestyle athlete and student they could be. IJGA Lifestyle Program sports are mostly individual include tennis and golf - sports one can enjoy and play for life. IJGA Lifestyle Program mental preparation uses a science and fact-based approach to identify mental friction point to an individual’s progress and develop a plan for each student. Physical preparation is based on a customized performance-based assessment and includes weekly training elements specific to your child. We encourage passions for sports one can play and enjoy for life.