IJGA Lifestyle Program 2019 - Page 10

IJGA Lifestyle students are prepared for global success. STUDENT LIFE IJGA has a student life that is abundant in diversity and culture, with a majority of students being international. IJGA is a wonderful place to live. Students have a family of caring Residential Instructors and Student Life staff dedicated to each individual’s success. We take great pride in the privilege of challenging and supporting all students as they work to become their best in school, in their sports and most importantly, in life. Students are provided a home-away-from-home accommodation in student houses and apartments. On campus amenities also include FUEL Dining Hall, IJGA Performance Training Center, and Learning Center surrounded by the IJGA golf facilities. IJGA is a specialized form of boarding school, which offers a depth of nurturing, education, student support, nutrition, physical and mental performance, leadership and character development most children cannot get at home, and limits the size of its student body to ensure a personal and intimate experience.