IIC Journal of Innovation 6th Edition - Page 9

How Democratized Artificial Intelligence Can Move Manufacturing to a New Evolution Pace devices and sensors for a cheap investment across networks and geographies is making the equipment data a gold mine to: 4. The evolution of affordable multi- purpose robotics includes new operational technologies needing data to run, 3D printers that cannot run without files describing complex products and connected tools that need instructions on the fly to operate correctly. For example, a connected smart handheld drill 11 needs to get the right information to apply the right torque depending the part that must be assembled. High-speed camera controlling systems need to record and process high volumes of images to detect image pattern as fast as possible. This is now possible using AI in the cloud using TensorFlow® or Caffe® for instance. 12 a. Understand good, bad and changing usages of products b. Understand the relationship between equipment and their environments c. Identify some common, normal and abnormal patterns. 2. The mobile and high-speed communication networks are available for a cheap price (1Gbps at $158/month – Public Cloud pricing), making the cost of moving the data affordable to place it in cheap storage systems in the cloud (Data storage goes from $1M to 2 cents per gigabyte) 10 ; almost 6 cents in the cloud (including the needed infrastructure for the storage system). These digital and operational technology revolutions are starting and will provide enough data to use AI as an enterprise and on a large scale. Of course, AI can be used with only local data for specific and dedicated purpose. Large-scale data can train AI algorithms to build a next stage of learning analytics and make them affordable. These can then be used locally in a more accurate and efficient way to fix 3. Cloud offers inexpensive elasticity with computing. There is no need to think about size of data or the size of computing power like it was necessary 10 years ago for on premise solutions, which were limited due to the inherent cost of infrastructure to run high performance computing. Right now, the cost versus the return on investment is becoming obvious in most cases. 10 Computer World 2017: https://www.computerworld.com/article/3182207/data-storage/cw50-data-storage-goes-from-1m- to-2-cents-per-gigabyte.html?nsdr=true 11 https://blog.bosch-si.com/categories/manufacturing/2016/02/airbus-factory-future/ 12 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TensorFlow; http://caffe.berkeleyvision.org/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cef7C2uiDTM (from 13: 20 to 16:14) - 8 - November 2017