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Outcomes, Insights, and Best Practices from IIC Testbeds: Intelligent Urban Water Supply Testbed ensure data quality and completeness of the data collection, and a framework to link operational records and apply OT domain knowledge in the analytic model-building process. Very often, one can collect large amount of data about the normal operational states of the equipment. However, equipment data containing patterns associated with anomalies and faults are equally, if not more, important and these are harder to come by. Therefore, it is important to start IIoT projects early and have a systematic way to collect and manage data so useful analytics models can be built. On the other hand, it is impractical to expect that analytics be perfect from the first day it is deployed. Just like any other intelligent systems, it will take time to evolve and it is a process of continuing improvement. Biggest Surprise The biggest surprise was not on the technology side, but on the business side: To see so many potential customers willing to sign up to be part of this IIoT initiative. That experience is unique to this testbed because usually there are challenges getting people to adopt and experiment in the early phases of major new technologies.  Return to beginning of this article  Return to Table of Contents The views expressed in the IIC Journal of Innovation are the contributing authors’ views and do not necessarily represent the views of their respective employers nor those of the Industrial Internet Consortium. © 2017 The Industrial Internet Consortium logo is a registered trademark of Object Management Group®. Other logos, products and company names referenced in this publication are property of their respective companies. - 34 - November 2017