IIC Journal of Innovation 6th Edition - Page 32

Outcomes, Insights, and Best Practices from IIC Testbeds: Intelligent Urban Water Supply Testbed latest Big Data, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing technologies into a turn-key solution for IIoT. It is among the very first systems in the industry by design, capable of performing on-the-fly analysis of live data streams at low latency distributed in the Cloud, on the Edge or in IoT gateways. Thingswise also provides guidance in overall system design and advanced analytics. IIC T ECHNICAL F OUNDATION The foundational technical documents produced by the IIC have been instrumental in this testbed. The architectures in the testbed are based upon the IIC’s Industrial Internet Reference Architecture (IIRA). Since the approval of this testbed, other IIC frameworks have been in development or released, such as the Industrial Internet Connectivity Framework (IICF). They too provide good guidance in designing the testbed system. China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT) contributes to the testbed from standard and security perspectives. CAICT has worked with WPG in building security models, evaluating security risk and helping WPG enable security in end-to-end systems. Security is complex and of the utmost importance when it comes to systems involving essential infrastructure such as water supply. As the system matures, commands may be issued to the system, especially during diagnostics or repair work. An intruder who penetrates the system in the cloud would have an opportunity to affect large areas of the water supply operations, including interruption of service or damage of the equipment. On the other hand, an intruder who penetrates a pump would be able to inject falsified data into the network about water quality or usage. The testbed works on how to prevent the system from being penetrated and in the event of penetration, ho w to limit the impact of the actions an intruder may perform. The IIC’s Industrial Internet Security Framework (IISF) has been essential, in terms of analyzing security requirements, assessing threats and building security models to prevent the threats. Looking back, the testbed appreciates that the IIC ecosystem provides an environment that enables stakeholders to come together, share resources and work cooperatively to achieve common goals. 1. The IIC enables Operational Technologies (OT) and Information Technologies (IT) domain expertise, business models, technology providers and system implementers to come together. 2. The ideas that have been shared and discussed in the IIC, both in technology and business, are very important. The significance of these ideas may go unnoticed at times, but with all of these discussions and presentations, the ideas gradually seep into our mindset, making their way into our business model considerations or technology implementations. IIC Journal of Innovation R OLE OF S TANDARDS When - 31 - connecting to heterogeneous